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China professional manufacturer of industrial filter.
Hengshui Yinbeier Company was established in 2003, The registered capital is $ 1,466,800, and passed the ISO9001 certification.
Become a professional industrial filter-making factory in China.

Our brand

In order to better serve foreign customers, we specially created an export brand-Inborn Filter ™. Provide the best filtration solution for industrial filtration equipment.
Professional and experienced filtering solution consultant.

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High-Quality Raw Materials

The products have passed the national product quality supervision and inspection and won the title of the high-quality brand for many times.


Professional Team

Custom sample and protocol processing, professional engineers to provide you with one - on - one service.


Unparalleled Customer Service

Short delivery time, free samples and OEM ODM service. 24-hour customer service online service.

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Hydraulic Oil Purification
Compressed Air Inline Filter
Coalescing separation Filter
Air Dust Filter
Water Filter
Air Compressor Filter

 what fields is the product used In

Application Area

Steel mills

Use hydraulic filters (Parker, Pall, HYDAC, etc.).
Water filter element (Parker, Pall, 3M, etc.) and filter housing.
Gas turbine air intake filter, dust collector, compressor filter, rolling mill, continuous casting machine hydraulic system and various lubrication equipment.

power plant

Water filter element (Parker, Pall, 3M, PP) and filter housing.
Filtered by the lubrication system of coal mill, compressor filter (Atlas Copco, IR, etc.), fan, gas turbine, industrial boiler
Purification of feed-water pumps, centrifugal fans, and dust removal (Donaldson) equipment.


Use coalescing separation filter (Pall, PECO, FACET, etc.),
Compressor filters (compair, Atlas Copco, etc.)
Oil filters (Pall, HYDAC, etc.)
Water filter (high-flow filter cartridge, PP, wire-wound filter, microporous folding filter)


Use hydraulic filters (Parker, Pall, HYDAC, etc.).
Water filter element (Parker, Pall, 3M, etc.) and filter housing.
Automatic backwash filter cleaning.
Equipment lubrication system, oil purifier.
Compressor filter (Altlas Copco, etc.)
Purification of gas turbine filters and dedusting (Donaldson) equipment.

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Key team performers

Filtration Technical Engineer-Mr. Cao

Ligang Cao

Technical Adviser

“I have been working at Inborn Filter since 2008 and have a wealth of experience.
In the fields of product production and technical sales.
I can help you with any questions about the industrial filter element and sales.”

Shuling Wang


“I have 5 years of domestic sales experience and 6 years of international trade experience.
In international trade, various risks can be well avoided, and the entire production process can be strictly controlled.
Reasonably customized filtering solutions.”


Marketing manager

“I combine traditional manufacturing with the Internet.
The company’s supply chain system has been improved.
It shortens the development cycle of new products and establishes new ideas for global trade.
I like my job.”

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