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About us

Hengshui Yinbeier Hydraulic Filter Co., Ltd. was established in 2003.
Specializing in the production of alternative hydraulic filter elements such as PALL, HYDAC, PARKER, Internormen, Mahle, Triple R, Taisei Kogyo, Hy-Pro, Leemin, MP-Filtri, and Filtrec, etc.
As well as air compressor pipeline filter, Hankson, etc compressed air filter, industrial water filter, air dust removal filter and gas coalesced separation filter, etc.
Through ISO9001:2015 and CE Certification, in the filtering industry has a high reputation.
Professional integrity, good quality, and low price.
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Since 2003, the Inborn Filter corporation always concentrates on environment protection. With 10 years of research and development, products cover:
Oil filter element, filter housing, purifier;
Compressor air filter, separator, oil filter, compressed air filter, air dust collector;
Water filter element, filter housing;
Waste solid recycle equipment.
Providing filtration, separation, purification and recycling solutions for your fluid and waste solid management needs.

Yinbeier Hydraulic Filter Company Office Area
Exterior view of filtration workshop
Filter work test scenario
Yinbeier Filtration Technology Sales Team

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History & Expertise

Professional Factory:

2003-2011, The registered capital is CNY 1 million. The factory was formally established. During this period, it passed ISO9001 Certification.
2012-now, Increase capital to CNY 10.1 million and develop professional foreign trade services.

Filtration R&D:

Has a strong R & D team, research and development of its own brand, and research and development of HYDAC, PALL and other alternative products to make it meet the different needs of customers.

12 Years Experience Sales Leader:

We have more than 10 people who have worked in the filtration industry for more than 12 years:R & D Personnel, Sales.


Customized professional filtration solutions


Photo or Drawing

Confirm product appearance and basic materials.

End cap form

Confirm the end cap material and seal, confirm the bonding method.

Filter material

Guaranteed filtration material and accuracy for filtered fluids.


Organize and confirm all product parameters.

Checking sample

Confirm that the sample meets customer requirements.

Customized solutions

Customized complete solutions to meet customer requirements.


2015 - Present

Brand Export

Formed a professional foreign trade team. Established a special foreign trade brand. Products are exported to Kazakhstan, the United States, Indonesia and other countries.

2005 - 2015

Improve Dramatically

During the rapid development of the company, the new factory plan was completed. Passed ISO9001 and CE Certification. Cooperated with many state-owned enterprises.

2003 - 2005

Establishment Period

From site selection and factory establishment to product development. After three years, the company’s development and product marketing directions were determined.

About Me

The registered capital is USD 1.468 million.
After the national product quality supervision and inspection, it has become a professional industrial filter manufacturer in China.
In order to better serve foreign customers, we specially created the export brand Inborn Filter ™. Provide the best filtration solution for industrial filtration equipment.
Make our products enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad.



Special Contributions


Local well-known companies


Member of Anti-Counterfeiting Association


Hydraulic Oil Purification 99%
Compressed Air Inline Filter 98%
Air Compressor Filter 98%
Air Dust Filter 99%
Water Filter 96%


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