Whether the filter can be truly made in China

The filter element seems to be an inconspicuous product in the industrial system. But we cannot ignore its role.

This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of our country. Our country’s development from poverty to poverty in the founding of the country to today is of great significance in the history of world development.

In the early days of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, we used “foreign goods” in our daily lives, and today many of China’s industrial systems are leading the world. These results have been achieved through unremitting efforts.

Mutual benefit, common development, and the construction of a “global village” have gradually become the development trend of the world today. And environmental protection and resource development and reuse have become one of the important means of economic development.

The filter element seems to be an inconspicuous product in the industrial system. In today’s technology-first era, whether it is technology content or material resources, filter elements do not seem to be eye-catching. But we cannot ignore its role. It is the heart of the filtration system and an important carrier for energy recycling.

Today China is a country with a complete range of industrial products, and Chinese manufacturing is world-renowned. The distance between China’s manufacturing and developed countries is shrinking.

However, in the filtration industry, we do not have a strong brand and do not have our own fist products. This phenomenon seems very mismatched in the current situation.

In the existing filtration field in China, the products can basically meet the needs of users, but most of the products are copied and pasted, without their own brands. Especially the high-end filter element market.

Hengshui Yinbeier Hydraulic Filter Co., Ltd. has been thinking about the above questions, how to improve the brand?

First of all, we must have high product quality and make products that users can trust. Followed by the trust. The two complement each other. Only excellent product quality can make users trust, and with trust, you can increase visibility.

As long as the above two points are achieved, we can better develop our products. Two points, in fact, is one point-quality, is it difficult to improve quality?

It’s hard. If there is no innovation, no investment, wearing new shoes and taking the old road, the vision is not broad, only the immediate interests, no strategic vision, inertia thinking, running behind others, companies operating according to this thinking philosophy, the product quality must not improve, The final result may be eliminated by the market.

It’s also easy. Many well-known companies also had fewer staff and less capital investment during the entrepreneurial period. No talents, no funds, no technology, under the circumstances that are generally not optimistic, through unremitting efforts, in a short period of time, being able to be promoted to an internationally renowned brand is based on the courage to be the first. Never say defeat. This shows that as long as you have the strength and ability, you can overcome any difficulties and challenges.

Compared with well-known companies, you can find that as long as the leaders of each company have a vision, ideals, and long-term goals, they have determined the correct development path, and they can achieve their goals with a firm will and unwillingness.

Direction determines the future, and road determines destiny. We must continue to move along the road of innovation and development with a new look, new ideas, new ideas, high starting points, high standards, and high investment.

Taking the research and development and innovation of filter elements as the main direction of our company, we have overcome difficulties, and built and cultivated “Yinbeier” as a high-quality brand with perseverance.

It is my company’s dream to establish a model for filtering products. I believe that through our unremitting efforts in the future, our goals will definitely be achieved!

– Inborn Filter

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