How To Make Chinese Filter Industry

As the number of filter manufacturers increases year by year, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the market for filter elements is mixed.
Filtration industry

How to make Chinese filter element industry, so that the company will be invincible in adversity? This is the problem that every filter company must face in this day and age.

The economic working conference held not long ago specified the direction for China’s future development.

In the past, the country’s economic development pursued a high speed, but now the country requires high-quality economic development.
One is a high speed and the other is high quality, but the content is very different.
High speed can bring prosperity to the country, it can also generate hidden dangers, produce bubbles, and there are certain risks.
High quality is to make the economy develop healthily, remove hidden dangers, make the economic development robust and dynamic, and maintain a strong development momentum in the global economic downturn.
The state has pointed out the direction for future development, and every industry and every enterprise must follow this direction.

Global economic development

Current problems in the filtration industry

Our company is a company specializing in the production of filter elements. There are many problems in the current world economy, with small orders, low prices, and high competitive pressure.
Looking at the entire world, global trade frictions, increased tariffs, obstacles to the development of countries, and a global economic downturn.
How to develop, how to break through, and make the company invincible in the adversity environment is a problem that every enterprise must face.
The filter element produced by our company is widely used in steel, electric power, chemical, pharmaceutical, coal, environmental protection, and other industries, and the product quality has been widely recognized by users.

As the number of filter manufacturers increases year by year, the competition is becoming more and more fierce, and the market for filter elements is mixed. The consequence of disorderly competition is to fight price wars, ignore product quality, and reduce the price-performance ratio of products. Order is not conducive to the healthy development of the entire industry.

Fierce competition

How to solve the status quo

How to change this situation? It is a problem that our company is thinking about. If we want to change this situation, there is nothing to do by relying on the strength of one company. We can only do a good job of our company, stand on our own, change our ideas, and change the old business philosophy.

First of all, we must continue to build on the original foundation and improve product quality.
In the past, the company’s products have been supplied to many steel mills, replacing the filter cartridges of world-renowned manufacturers such as HYDAC and Pall, and all have met customer needs.
For example, the filter element of Pall 8900 used by a steel plant requires that the basic oil must reach the NAS5 level. After the test, it is all qualified and the service life is in compliance with the requirements. The users who have cooperated for many years have given us a high evaluation, and at the same time, we have also created direct economic benefits for the users.

Originally, the client used imported filters with high prices and long delivery cycles. Our filters are cheap, good service, short procurement cycle, We save customers a lot of money and time cost.
There are still some enterprises that use imported filter elements, especially state-owned enterprises.
Many private companies have adopted domestically produced filter elements.

Why is this?
On the one hand, some filter element manufacturing companies have made crude products without quality assurance, which has caused losses to users and cast a shadow on domestic filter elements. Therefore, many users prefer to spend more money on imported filter elements.
On the other hand, some state-owned enterprises do not use domestic-made filter elements, because if there is a problem with the filter element, the filter manufacturer is directly responsible for the entire set of equipment, and the purchasing supervisor does not bear responsibility.
And now the concept of good quality of imported products still exists. In fact, many international brands have established manufacturing plants in China.
Private enterprises are different. No matter you are domestic or imported, as long as the quality is okay, the price is cheap. If there is a problem, you will be fined.

Because of the above reasons, imported filter elements still occupy half of the Chinese market.
In fact, China’s formal filter element manufacturers already have rich production experience and material standards. Formal production companies will not use inferior filter materials to damage their reputation for the benefit of the moment. As long as the purchaser identifies qualified and experienced suppliers, the product will basically not have quality problems.

Filter material

Second, understand customer needs.
We should stand on the perspective of customer success. Customer needs include the necessary results and the appropriate experience. Understand who the customer is and what the needs are, the customer’s success can be targeted.
The definition of customer success is when your customers achieve their needs through interaction with your company.
Among them, customer needs include two parts: ‘Necessary results’ are the results that customers must achieve, which is the prerequisite for customers ’success;“ The right experience ”is what customers need to do to achieve“ necessary results ”.
Helping them achieve the necessary results is fundamental to why businesses can exist.
Different enterprises have different needs. In addition, in addition to meeting the needs of the enterprise, it is more important than the needs of different roles in the enterprise are different.

Therefore, it is necessary to meet the needs of each role and to make each role successful is complete customer success.

Customer service

Our goal

To change the status quo and achieve customer needs, our company has set its own goals and does not fight price wars with other manufacturers.
The first, start with product quality, learn advanced technology, and digest, absorb, and innovate, raise awareness, and draw nutrition from successful corporate experience so that we can grow and develop.
In the past, the home appliance industry was made in Japan, such as Toshiba and Panasonic. In the past, mobile phones were all foreign brands, and domestically produced phones were dubbed “cottages” and “parallel imports”.
Now our domestic brands are sold all over the world, defeating many international brands. We want to use them as an example, independently research and develop, recruit talents, and down-to-earthly make products.
Conquer users with product quality, do practical things for customers, and win the market with credibility.
Secondly, try to understand as much as possible the customers and the relationship with customers. Collect and listen to customer feedback carefully, and make improvements. Record the customer’s purchasing preferences in a timely manner, and formulate the filtering requirements that best suit the customer.
I believe that through our efforts, we will succeed in the near future.

We are committed to making China’s filtering industry quality brand. I believe that through our efforts, we will succeed in the near future.

– Inborn Filter

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