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We are a young and dynamic innovation team, and we love our work and life. If you love nature and love life, please join us! Let us learn together, grow together, and work hard for our common cause together. Employees enjoy challenging work, learning and development opportunities, and promising career paths.

job opportunities

Domestic jobs

Network operation

Years of experience in network operation is preferred. Salary is negotiable.

Network sales specialist

Sales experience and love of the sales industry is preferred, salary negotiable.

Products Liability Associate

Responsible for contacting customers to customize product requirements, experience is preferred.

Foreign trade merchandiser

Foreign trade merchandiser experience, familiar with foreign trade merchandiser process is preferred, salary negotiable.

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Overseas positions

Overseas Office Manager

Knowledge of industrial filtration industry, ability to connect is preferred. Salary is negotiable.

Overseas sales specialist

Knowledge of filtering industry, familiar with overseas sales environment is preferred. Salary is negotiable.

Overseas Office Specialist

Can independently complete office-related programs, those with joint teamwork ability are preferred, and salary is negotiable.

Overseas brand agent

Those who have experience in the filtering industry and agency services are preferred. Cooperation terms are discussed in detail.

Your Joining Is Our Driving Force

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our responsibility to filter well

Overview And Experience

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If you love life, if you love our planet and environment, if you love your family, if you are imaginative and motivated, please join us.
We will provide you with internships, employment opportunities and training opportunities, Play your role and make our work better and better.

Filtering is more than just a product

Maybe some people think that filtering is just a product, a profitable business. However, for Inborn Filter, this is not just the case. We are a group of young and energetic people who love life and our environment.

Looking at the deteriorating living environment, each of us has the responsibility to make our efforts to improve our earth’s environment and join us in making our contribution to the environment. We are committed to maintaining and improving our sustainability efforts worldwide.

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NO.29 Jiangheliu Industrial Zone, Jing County, China. MN 53500

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