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Inborn Filter company specializes in the manufacture of hydraulic oil filter elements, oil filter housings and oil purifiers, protect your equipment.
There are many types of industrial filter elements. Different materials and functions have different uses.
As a professional industrial filter custom factory, we have our own understanding of the classification of filter element products.

Customized Filter Elements

Inborn Filter™ laser equipment accurately marks your logo, phone number, website, part number or QR code, producing a spectacular presentation. so your customer will return to you for replacement elements.

Inborn Filter™ offers a variety of plating options, To meet the product different materials and your different needs.
We can mark on:

Stainless steel, Aluminum, Plated*, Plastic
Industrial filter customize factory
Micron-Fiberglass Filter Elements

Micron-Fiberglass Filter Elements

The glassfibers in our filters are usually small and uniform in size. They increase dirt holding capacity. This extends the life of the system and reduces downtime. Provide extra protection for your filtration system.

For maximum element durability and long lifecycles, elements can be co-pleated with support layers, including:

Epoxy-coated steel wire, Stainless steel wire cloth, Polymer mesh

Coalescing Filter Elements

Coalescing filter elements have a hydrophilic core to separate liquid aerosols such as water and oil from air or gas streams. They are a dual function product: they also remove submicron solids.

Coalescing filter elements are also used to separate immiscible liquids such as water from fuels and oils with different densities.
Coalescing filter elements are widely employed in:

Compressed air filtration, Refrigeration systems, Compressed natural gas filtration, Mist elimination, Air/oil separation,
Industrial filter customize factory Coalescing Filter Elements
Industrial filter customize factory Air Dust Filter Cartridges
Air Dust Filter Cartridges

The air dust filter cartridge is a kind of air purifier filter element that can withstand high temperature. It is the core part of the filter cylinder dust collector and one of the accessories to ensure the dedusting effect of the equipment.

Common dust filter cartridge: 

Wood pulp paper, Polyester, Mulch, Filter bag and other materials.

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Other Product Category

Stainless Steel Filter Elements

Stainless Steel filter media consists of stainless steel wire cloth strands woven in various mesh patterns, to form absolute as well as nominal filtration ratings.

Water Removal Filter Elements

Free water in hydraulic or lube systems is a serious contaminant. By removing water, oil life is extended as well as the life of your equipment,helps protect your hydraulic system from both particulate and water contamination.

High Pressure Filter Assemblies

High Pressure Filters are for demanding high pressure fluid filtration applications, including those found in the offshore oil industry, chemical processing, hydraulic and industrial fluid clarification.

Low Pressure Filter Assemblies

Low pressure filters are the most common filter type in hydraulic circuits. Most commonly used in return line applications. In-tank and pipeline constructions are suitable for almost all applications.

Fields of expertise

The core of every filtration system is the filter. The filter largely determines the efficiency and life of the equipment. As a result, Inborn Filter’s filters are made from the finest filter materials that meet the highest standards in terms of stability, long life, and cleanliness.
In order to adapt to the development of hydraulic technology, Inborn Filter has been researching and improving our products.
Our filters are now available in many industries:
Metallurgy, paper, biopharmaceuticals, aviation, military, textile and chemical fiber, marine, natural gas, coal, petroleum, chemical, etc.

Oil & gas

International Standard

ISO 2941 Verification of collapse, burst resistance
ISO 2942 Verification of fabrication integrity
ISO 2943 Verification of material compatibility with fluids
ISO 3723 Method for end load test
ISO 3724 Verification of flow fatigue characteristics
ISO 3968 Evaluation of pressure drop versus flow characteristics
ISO 16889 Multi-pass method for evaluating filtration performance

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