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Absorbent cotton wire wound filter element

Absorbent cotton wire wound filter element


High filtration accuracy; large flow rate; small pressure difference; high pressure strength; large dirt holding capacity; non-toxic and tasteless; no secondary pollution.

Absorbent cotton wire wound filter element

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Product introduction of absorbent cotton wirewound filter element:
Wire-wound filter element is a deep-layer filter element for low-viscosity and low-impurity filtration. It is made of textile fiber threads (polypropylene threads, absorbent cotton threads, etc.) and is precisely wound around a porous framework (polypropylene or stainless steel) according to a specific process. ) It is made of the above, with a honeycomb structure with outer and inner denseness, which can effectively remove suspended solids, particles, rust and other debris in the fluid, and has very good filtration characteristics and adsorption.
Main performance of wire wound filter:
1.High filtration accuracy, small pressure difference, large flow, large capacity of pollution, long service life;
2. The filter pore size is small inside and large outside, with good deep filtering effect;
3. The filter element is made of different materials to ensure various liquid filtration requirements and achieve the best filtration effect.
The main purpose
1. Food and beverage industry: mineral water, syrup, alcohol, edible oil, beverage water, cola beverage, etc.
2. Electronics industry: pure water, organic solvents, printed circuit boards, electroplating, etc.
3. Petroleum and chemical industry: petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, coatings, photosensitive liquids, inks, acrylic raw materials, photographic processing fluids, greases, etc.
4. industrial oil: hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, cutting oil and other industrial oils.
5. Pharmaceutical industry: syrup, alcohol, configuration water, VC raw materials, tetracycline medicinal solution, oxytetracycline medicinal solution, injections, etc.
6. Others: resin lenses, bearing cleaning, laser cooling water, ultrasonic cleaning fluid, plating solution, etc.


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