Industrial filter product description


Air dust filter element

Air dust filter element


Technical Parameters
Frame: Carbon steel, stainless steel diamond mesh
End cap material: carbon steel, stainless steel
Filter material: filter paper, non-woven fabric, film, wood pulp fiber, etc.

Air dust filter element

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Air dust Filter element Product Introduction
The filter cartridge is a star-shaped filter cartridge made by folding a certain length of filter material into pleats and bonding the ends. The filter cartridge is cageless and easy to install.
Filter cartridges are used in conjunction with filter cartridge pulse dust collectors. They are usually multi-pleated, circular, cylindrical, with metal or chemical materials supporting the inner core of the filter element.
There are three installation methods of filter cartridge pulse dust collector: vertical, inclined and horizontal installation.
The filter cartridge is installed vertically. When the pulse is cleaned, the dust is easily cleared and settled to the ash bucket, which has a good effect.
When installed obliquely, the filter cartridges are stacked on top of each other, which has a compact structure and a small footprint, making it easy to change the cartridge. However, when cleaning, the dust from the upper filter cartridge sinks on the lower filter cartridge and is difficult to remove.
Installed horizontally, the dust on the upper part of the lower filter cartridge is more difficult to remove.
The obliquely installed filter cartridge dust collector is suitable for small and medium dust removal systems with non-viscous, low-concentration, and coarse dust removal. It is also suitable for the reconstruction of some old-style bag dust collectors.
The filter cartridge is the core filter element on the dust collector. The use of the filter cartridge for air is called media filtration. Because the pore diameter of the filter cartridge is small, smaller than the diameter of the dust particles in the air, when the dust-containing air passes through the filter cartridge, the dust is blocked and the air can pass through. As more and more dust particles are on the filter cartridge, the pore size of the filter will also become smaller and smaller dust particles will be filtered. At the same time, the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter cartridge is getting larger and larger. At this time, the filter cartridge needs to be cleaned. Now the automatic pulse cleaning method is used. When the detected pressure difference reaches the set value, the pulse air is automatically turned on for cleaning.
1. The synthetic high-strength polyester long-fiber non-woven material is selected, and the fibers are smooth tubular fibers that cross each other, the openings are smaller, the distribution is more uniform, and it has good filtering performance.
2.The application of polyester long fiber filter material not only makes the filter cartridge have better acid and alkali resistance, higher filtration efficiency, lower running resistance, but also has incomparable abrasion resistance and high compared with traditional filter materials. Strength, burst resistance, pulse backflushing and other methods are easier to remove dust, and can be repeatedly washed with water without damaging the filter material and prolonging the service life.
3. The tough and durable polyester filter material is combined with the anti-corrosion steel mesh support structure. The new open folding design increases the effective filtering area, and can make the air flow constant and pass through the surface without obstacles.
4. Compared with the traditional filter bag, the filtering area is increased by two to three times, which reduces the pressure drop, improves the filtration efficiency and prolongs the service life.
5. High-quality filter materials, advanced production lines and superior testing equipment ensure the quality of filter cartridges.
Precautions for using air dust filter cartridge:
1. Periodically blow back according to the usage.
2. The rated air intake of the filter element must be greater than the rated air intake of the host.
3. Select an air filter element with low intake resistance and large dust holding capacity.
4. Place the filter element in a dry, ventilated place to prevent moisture from affecting the service life.


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