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PP wire wound water filter element

PP wire wound water filter element


Technical Parameters:
Working pressure: polypropylene skeleton 0.6Mpa, stainless steel skeleton 0.8Mpa.
Working temperature: glass fiber 90 ℃, absorbent cotton fiber 120 ℃, other 90 ℃.
Filter length: 10 “, 20”, 30 “, 40”.

PP wire wound water filter element

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PP wire wound water filter element
Honeycomb filter element is a kind of precision tubular deep filter element. According to different manufacturing processes, honeycomb filter element is divided into two types: wire wound honeycomb filter element and melt-blown honeycomb filter element. It is made by precisely winding on the porous framework, which is heated and melted by polypropylene particles, spun, and accepted for forming.
The honeycomb filter element has a honeycomb structure with dense outer and inner layers, and has very good filtering characteristics. It can effectively remove impurities such as suspended solids, particles, rust and the like in the fluid.
Wire wound filter element features:
1.High filtering accuracy
2. Large flow, small pressure difference, high pressure strength.
3.Large dirt holding capacity and long service life.
4. Non-toxic, tasteless and no secondary pollution.
Application areas:
1.Pharmaceutical industry: Pre-filtration of various injections, medicaments and bottle washing water for injections, pre-filtration of large infusions and various antibiotics, Chinese medicine injections;
2.Food industry: filtration of alcohol, beverages and drinking water;
3.Electronics industry: pre-filtration of pure and ultra-pure water;
4.Petroleum and chemical industry: Filtration of various organic solvents, acids and alkalis, filtration of oilfield water injection.


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