Industrial filter product description


3M HF60PP002B01

Replacement 3M HF60PP002B01 high flow water filter element


Technical Parameters
Length: 10 ‘, 20’, 30 ‘, 40’
Filtration accuracy: 1μm, 2μm, 5μm, 10μm, 20μm, 50μm

Replacement 3M HF60PP002B01 high flow water filter element

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Replacement 3M HF60PP002B01 high flow water filter element
Introduction of 3M HF60PP002B01 high flow water filter element
The 3M high flow water filter has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, high flow, deep filtration, long service life, etc. The absolute filtration efficiency of the filter in the range of 1-70 μm reaches 99.9%. The filter element adopts “O” ring seal and unique design of the guide tube, which is easy to use and can guarantee the filtration efficiency and prevent side leakage.
HF40PP005D01 large flow water filter element uses innovative high-performance filter material:
The high-flow filter media uses a 3M non-woven fabric technology platform and polypropylene meltblown material. The fibrous tissue is loose, and the high porosity increases the interception of impurities. It has a deep three-dimensional filtering effect. It is a double deep trap, that is, larger particles of impurities are trapped on the surface of the fiber, while fine particles are captured in the deep layer of the filter material. Therefore, the filtration efficiency of the filter element has a gradient filtration effect.
Product Features:
Combination of folding and deep filtration, high filtration efficiency and long service life
The filter element has a large amount of dirt, which reduces the number of replacements and reduces costs.
3M HF60PP002B01 high flow water filter element related models recommended

HF40PP001A01, HF40PP001B01, HF40PP001C01, HF40PP001D01, HF40PP002A01,
HF40PP002B01, HF40PP002C01, HF40PP002D01, HF40PP005A01, HF40PP005B01,
HF40PP005C01, HF40PP005D01, HF40PP010A01, HF40PP010B01, HF40PP010C01,
HF40PP010D01, HF40PP015A01, HF40PP015B01, HF40PP015C01, HF40PP015D01,
HF40PP025A01, HF40PP025B01, HF40PP025C01, HF40PP025D01, HF40PP040A01,
HF40PP040B01, HF40PP040C01, HF40PP040D01, HF40PP070A01, HF40PP070B01,
HF40PP070C01, HF40PP070D01, HF60PP001A01, HF60PP001B01, HF60PP001C01,
HF60PP001D01, HF60PP002A01, HF60PP002B01, HF60PP002C01, HF60PP002D01,
HF60PP005A01, HF60PP005B01, HF60PP005C01, HF60PP005D01, HF60PP010A01,
HF60PP010B01, HF60PP010C01, HF60PP010D01, HF60PP015A01, HF60PP015B01,
HF60PP015C01, HF60PP015D01, HF60PP025A01, HF60PP025B01, HF60PP025C01,
HF60PP025D01, HF60PP040A01, HF60PP040B01, HF60PP040C01, HF60PP040D01,
HF60PP070A01, HF60PP070B01, HF60PP070C01, HF60PP070D01


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