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Replacement ALLISON 29509723 Hydraulic Filter Element


Technical parameters
Part Number: 29509723
Product Media:Glass
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 101
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248

Replacement ALLISON 29509723 Hydraulic Filter Element

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Replacement ALLISON 29509723 Hydraulic filter element
Introduction to ALLISON hydraulic filter element
ALLISON hydraulic oil filter element is used in various oil systems to remove solid impurities that are mixed in or generated during the operation of the system. It is mainly installed on the oil suction road, pressure road, oil return pipe, bypass, and separate filter system in the system. .
During the use of industrial hydraulic oil, due to various reasons, some impurities will be mixed in. The main impurities are mechanical impurities, water and air, etc. These impurities will cause corrosion of hydraulic system components, increase mechanical wear, reduce working efficiency, and change oil products. The bad will reduce the service life of the equipment, and the oil circuit will be blocked in severe cases.
Technical parameters

Part Number: 29509723
Part Type: Hydraulic
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Gasket Material: Viton
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD / HFDS

ALLISON 29509723 filter element related models recommended

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23040988 23042062 23049373 29501202 29501202A
29501202B 29501202D 29509723 29588232C 29545779
29509723B 29510910 29510912 29510922 29526898
29526899 29538231 29538231C 29538232 29540493
29540494 29545780 29548988 29509723A 29509723C


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