Industrial filter product description


ARGO P2061302

Replacement ARGO P2061302 hydraulic filter element


Technical parameters

Part Number: P2061302
Product Media: Paper
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 145
Operating Temp Min -Max(F): -13~248
Flow Direction: Outside-In

Replacement ARGO P2061302 hydraulic filter element

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Replacement ARGO P2061302 hydraulic filter element

Introduction to ARGO P2061302 filter element:
ARGO P2061302 filter element is used for filtering solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium in the hydraulic system to effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium. This series of filter elements is a substitute product after localization of imported filter elements. Hengshui Yinbeier is a professional technology manufacturing enterprise, focusing on the localization of imported filter elements for many years, the filter elements in the use of environmental filtration efficiency and downstream pollution control can completely reach the level of similar foreign filter elements, can completely replace the use of the original ARGO filter elements.

All of our elements are manufactured according to ISO specifications, including: ISO 16889, Clean DP (low and high visc) – ISO 3968, Fluid compatibility – ISO 2943, Flow fatigue resistance – ISO 3724, Dirt capacity – ISO 16889, Collapse pressure – ISO 2941

Technical parameters

Part Type:Hydraulic
OD Top:2.303
ID Top:1.114
OD Bottom:2.303
ID Bottom:1.114
Capacity (GR):10
Filter Area (SQ IN):242
Gasket Material:Cork
Fluid Type:HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

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