Industrial filter product description


Atlas DD60

Replacement Atlas DD60 precision filter element


Technical Parameters:
Working temperature: 80 ℃;
Maximum working pressure difference: 20MPa;
Residual oil content: 1ppm;
Performance: acid-resistant, waterproof, anti-static.

Replacement Atlas DD60 precision filter element

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Replacement Atlas DD60 precision filter element
Atlas precision filter element product introduction:
The main filter media of Atlas precision filter element are oil filter, water filter and air filter. Atlas precision filter element mainly removes dust, water vapor and dust in compressed air. At that time, the filter element intercepted the impurities, and various main raw materials were supplied by well-known foreign filter material suppliers. The cores have undergone rigorous inspections and quality assurance, thereby extending the equipment life.
The outer layer of the Atlas precision filter element uses an oil-resistant and acid-resistant chemically-resistant hydrophobic foam sleeve, which prevents coalesced liquid from re-entering the airflow and ensures high-efficiency oil and water removal. The filter layer uses ultra-fine glass fiber material with excellent hydrophobicity, high filtration efficiency, good permeability, and good filtering effect on particulate impurities, droplets, etc.
Atlas precision filter inspection standards:
Filter element-Anti-rupture test ISO2491
Filter element-Structural Integrity Test ISO2492
Filter element-material and liquid compatibility test ISO2493
Filter element-end load test method ISO3723
Filter element-Determination of filter element fatigue characteristics ISO3724
Filter element-Determination of differential pressure flow characteristics ISO3968
Filter element-multiple-pass method for determining filtration characteristics ISO4572
Atlas DD60 precision filter element related models recommended

DD9 DD17 DD32 DD44 DD60 DD120
DD150 DD175 DD260 DD390 DD520


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