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BCB 21FC1321-60X250/4

Replacement BCB 21FC1321-60X250/4 hydraulic filter element


BCB hydraulic oil filter features:
1. Convenient drainage;
2. Large circulation area;
3. Small pressure loss;
4. Simple structure;
5. Small size and light weight;
6. Filter impurities evenly.

Replacement BCB 21FC1321-60X250/4 hydraulic filter element

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Replacement BCB 21FC1321-60X250/4 hydraulic filter element
Introduction to BCB hydraulic filter element
BCB hydraulic oil filter element is an indispensable part of the pipeline series for conveying medium. It is usually installed in the inlet end of the hydraulic system to filter out metal particles and pollution impurities in the fluid medium to protect the normal operation of the equipment.
Testing standards:
Filter element – proof of crack resistance according to ISO 2941
Filter element – structural integrity according to ISO 2942
Filter element – material and liquid compatibility verification according to ISO 2943
Filter element – end load test method according to ISO 3723
Filter elements – Determination of fatigue properties according to ISO 3724
Filter element – differential pressure flow characteristics according to ISO 3968
Filter element – multiple pass method for determining filtration characteristics according to ISO 4572
BCB 21FC1321-60X250/4 filter element related models recommended
4PD110x160A10 4PD140x400E15C 21FHB0-90-144
21FHB0-90-144 3PD140x250E15C 21FC5121-160×600/25
21FC5121-110×160/10 21FC5121-140×250/14 21FH1330-150-51-25
21FH1330-36.-51-10 21FH1330-230.51-25 3PD110X160
2PD160X400 21FC1321-60X100/4 21FC1321-60X100/6
21FC1321-60X100/10 21FC1321-60X100/14 21FC1321-60X100/20
21FC1321-60X100/25 21FC1321-60X160/4 21FC1321-60X160/6
21FC1321-60X160/10 21FC1321-60X160/14 21FC1321-60X160/20
21FC1321-60X160/25 21FC1321-60X250/4 21FC1321-60X250/6
21FC1321-60X250/10 21FC1321-60X250/14 21FC1321-60X250/20
21FC1321-60X250/25 21FC1321-110X160/4 21FC1321-110X160/6
21FC1321-110X160/10 21FC1321-110X160/14 21FC1321-110X160/20
21FC1321-110X160/25 21FC1321-110X250/4 21FC1321-110X250/6
21FC1321-110X250/10 21FC1321-110X250/14 21FC1321-110X250/20
21FC1321-110X250/25 21FC1321-140X250/4 21FC1321-140X250/6
21FC1321-140X250/10 21FC1321-140X250/14 21FC1321-140X250/20
21FC1321-140X250/25 21FC1321-140X400/4 21FC1321-140X400/6
21FC1321-140X400/10 21FC1321-140X400/14 21FC1321-140X400/20
21FC1321-140X400/25 21FC1321-160X400/4 21FC1321-160X400/6
21FC1321-160X400/10 21FC1321-160X400/14 21FC1321-160X400/20
21FC1321-160X400/25 21FC1321-160X600/4 21FC1321-160X600/6
21FC1321-160X600/10 21FC1321-160X600/14 21FC1321-160X600/20
21FC1321-160X600/25 21FC1321-160X800/4 21FC1321-160X800/6
21FC1321-160X800/10 21FC1321-160X800/14 21FC1321-160X800/20


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