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Replacement DOMNICK HUNTER K145AA precision filter element


Filter element characteristics:
1. Good breathability;
2. High efficiency;
3. High air tightness;
4.Good corrosion resistance.

Replacement DOMNICK HUNTER K145AA precision filter element

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Replacement DOMNICK HUNTER K145AA precision filter element
DOMNICK HUNTER precision filter element introduction:
DOMNICK HUNTER precision filter element can effectively remove oil mist and hydrocarbons, liquid and solid particles from the equipment according to different filtration levels and application fields, which effectively protects the equipment. The precision filter element has high dirt holding capacity and corrosion resistance Strong characteristics, good temperature resistance, large flow, easy operation, long service life, no fiber shedding, etc. Widely used in medicine, food, chemical, environmental protection, thermal power, nuclear power, construction machinery and other industries.
DOMNICK HUNTER filter element works:
The filter element is also the main principle of the filter, which is used to purify the original ecological resources and the reuse of resources, and the purification equipment required. The filter element is generally mainly used in the oil filtration, water filtration, air filtration and other filtration industries. Removing a small amount of impurities in the filter medium can protect the normal operation of the equipment or the cleanliness of the air. After the fluid passes through the filter element with a certain accuracy, the impurities are blocked, and the clean fluid flows out through the filter element. The filter element is an important part of the filter. When the mixed gas containing impurities is passed through the filter element, the liquid, oil mist, solid particles, oil vapor, hydrocarbons, odors, bacteria, etc. in the mixed gas are filtered out.
In general, except for a few filter elements that are regenerative, the filter elements need to be replaced after a period of use (8000 hours).
DOMNICK HUNTER K145AA precision filter element related models recommended

K009AA K017AA K030AA K058AA K145AA K220AA K330AA K430AA K620AA
K009AO K017AO K030AO K058AO K145AO K220AO K330AO K430AO K620AO
K009PF K017PF K030PF K058PF K145PF K220PF K330PF K430PF K620PF


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