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Pall HFU640GFK100H4W

Replacement EHF640PP400E high flow water filter element


EHF640PP05E High Flow Water Filter Element Technical Parameters
Filtration accuracy: 1-100μm;
Initial pressure drop: 0.025MPa;
Allowable pressure drop: 3.5Bar;
Use temperature: 60 ℃.

Replacement EHF640PP400E high flow water filter element

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Replacement EHF640PP400E high flow water filter element
high flow water filter element detailed description:
Features of large flow filter
1. Allowing high-flow media to pass through the filter material, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low pressure loss, and long life;
2. The filter element is divided into two types of structure: inward and outward, and inward and outward, which makes the filter element more widely used and the installation is more flexible;
3.O-ring to ensure the reliability of the filter;
4. The filter element can withstand a maximum working pressure difference of 0.245MPa;
5. Folding surface design makes the pressure drop of the high flow filter element lower than other filter elements, and the service life is longer;
6. The β value of the filter element reaches 1000;
7. Multiple filter elements can be installed in the filter shell, which can use a wide range of flow rates, whether it is started or continuous operation;
8. The filter element is durable and can be configured with the least and most economical filter.
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