Industrial filter product description


Fusheng 2605702910

Replacement Fusheng 2605702910 oil filter element


Technical Parameters:
1. Filtration efficiency: 99.99%;
2. Filter material: glass fiber, filter paper;
3. Initial pressure difference: ≤0.02Mpa;
4. Service life: 3500-5200h;
5. Oil content: 3-6ppm.

Replacement Fusheng 2605702910 oil filter element

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Replacement Fusheng 2605702910 oil filter element
Fusheng air compressor oil filter element product overview:
Fusheng air compressor oil filter element is used at the inlet of the air compressor. During the engine operation, metal abrasives, dust, oxidized carbon deposits and colloidal precipitates, water, etc. at high temperatures are constantly mixed into the lubricant. It is used to filter out dust, sand, moisture, oil mist, etc. in the air source, to ensure the cleanliness of the air source, to improve the service life of the oil and gas separation filter element, oil filter element and lubricant, and to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the air compressor. In the hydraulic system, Fusheng air compressor oil filter and Atlas filter are mainly used to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, and effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium.
Fusheng air compressor oil filter element uses stainless steel frame with different structure, corrosion resistance, excellent structural performance, high welding strength and low airflow resistance. Different precision filter elements use different structural types. The new “matrix hybrid fiber” makes the medium contact area larger, improves the filtration rate, and improves the filtering effect.
Fusheng 2605702910 oil filter element for air compressor related models recommended

91107-012 71151-46950 71121111-48120 91107-012 71151-46930
71121111-48020 2605530180 2605702910 91107-032 9610321-23600-M1
71188-26027 71196-2116128 711823E1-2116128 2605703730 2606540340
71188-201EDM369 71188-300ETY369 711823E1-2118345 91107-012
2116020051 2605541330 2605530160


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