Industrial filter product description


Fusheng 91101-150

Replacement Fusheng 91101-150 oil and gas separation filter element


Technical Parameters:
1. Filtration efficiency: 99.8%;
2. The service life can reach about 3500 ~ 5200h;
3. The oil content of compressed air can reach below 3ppm;
4. Initial pressure difference: ≤0.02MPa.

Replacement Fusheng 91101-150 oil and gas separation filter element

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Replacement Fusheng 91101-150 oil and gas separation filter element
Fusheng oil and gas separation filter element product overview:
Fusheng air compressor filter element is mainly divided into oil and gas separation filter element, oil filter element, air filter element, etc., which is what we call the air compressor three filter series.
Fusheng oil is a key component that determines the quality of the compressed air discharged from the oil-injected screw compressor. It is mainly installed on the air compressor and is used to purify the compressed air from the air compressor. The separation and coalescence are performed to achieve the purification effect of the air and effectively prolong the service life of each component. With proper installation and good maintenance, the quality of compressed air and the service life of the filter element can be ensured.
Application areas:
1. Electronics and pharmaceuticals: used for pretreatment and filtration of reverse osmosis water, deionized water, pretreatment of washing liquid and glucose;
2. Textile and packaging: The filter element is used for the purification and uniform filtration of polyester melt in the drawing project, the protection filter of the air compressor, and the oil and water removal of the compressor
3. Thermal power and nuclear power: purification of steam turbine, boiler lubrication system, speed control system, fan and dust removal system;
4. mechanical processing equipment: papermaking machinery, mining machinery, injection molding machines and large precision machinery lubrication system and purification of compressed air, spray equipment dust recycling filter.
Fusheng 91101-150 oil and gas separation filter element related models recommended

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71131211-46910 91101-075 9610112-21700-M 91111-003 9610112-21601-M
91111-005 9610112-20901-M 91111-002 91101-150 9610112-21900-M 91111-001
96101122-22201-M 91108-022 91101-175 9610112-22500-M 9111-007 9610112-23000-M
9111-007 9610112-22801-M 91101-200 9610112-23000-M 4930353121 9610112-22001-M
91111-008 9610112-24001-M 91101-300 9610112-24200-M 91103-300 91111-009
9610112-27501-M 9111-007 9610112-22801-M 91111-002 9111-009 71196-EAY80129
71188-202EAU6013 711632E1-202EAU6013 91111-004 71121311-46910


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