Industrial filter product description


GE PX series PP cotton

Replacement GE PX series meltblown filter element


GE PX series meltblown filter element basic parameters:
(1) Working temperature: normal temperature -20 ° C ~ 80 ° C;
(2) Filtration accuracy: 0.1 μm.

Replacement GE PX series meltblown filter element

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Replacement GE PX series meltblown filter element
Features of PP cotton meltblown filter:
1. In the entire deep layer of the filter element, the effect of truly capturing particles by density is achieved, so that the effectiveness of the filter element is fully exerted
2. Higher dirt retention capacity means long service life, low replacement frequency and cost savings;
3. The surface density of the filter element is low, and the density gradually increases from the surface to the center of the filter element;
4. there is no surface blind spot that will reduce the filter flow rate and increase the replacement frequency.
5. High temperature bonding fiber;
6. does not contain humectants, antistatic agents and binders;
7. a wide range of chemical agent tolerance;
8. Easy to dispose after incineration;
9. will not produce leachables and releases.
PP cotton meltblown filter manufacturing process:
1.Automated, continuous manufacturing process can ensure that each filter element has good and consistent performance indicators;
2. High temperature and vacuum manufacturing procedures can reduce potential manufacturing debris.
3. Wider length and range of connection accessories:
The standardized length can meet the needs of most filter cartridge installations, and the length of the filter element can be determined according to user requirements.


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