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Hankison E5-20

Replacement Hankison E5-20 precision filter element


Hankison precision filter element filter grade:
E #-**: # represents the filtering level, which is divided into 1 3 5 7 9 and different filtering materials are used to achieve different filtering requirements, corresponding to
E1—Green sponge
E3—Blue sponge
E5—Red sponge
E7—Stainless steel wire mesh
E9—Stainless steel

Replacement Hankison E5-20 precision filter element

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Replacement Hankison E5-20 precision filter element
Hankison precision filter product overview:
Hankison filter element adopts stainless steel frame with different structure, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, excellent structural performance, high welding strength and low airflow resistance.
Hankison filter element description:
Different precision filter elements with different structural types and new “matrix mixed fibers” make the medium contact area larger, which improves the filtration rate and improves the filtering effect. The oil-resistant and acid-resistant chemically-encapsulated foam-coated foam sleeve is used to prevent the coalesced liquid from re-entering the airflow and ensure high-efficiency oil removal.
Hankison E5-20 precision filter element related models recommended

E1-12 E1-16 E1-20 E1-24 E1-28 E1-32 E1-36 E1-40 E1-44 E1-48
E3-12 E3-16 E3-20 E3-24 E3-28 E3-32 E3-36 E3-40 E3-44 E3-48
E5-12 E5-16 E5-20 E5-24 E5-28 E5-32 E5-36 E5-40 E5-44 E5-48
E7-12 E7-16 E7-20 E7-24 E7-28 E7-32 E7-36 E7-40 E7-44 E7-48
E9-12 E9-16 E9-20 E9-24 E9-28 E9-32 E9-36 E9-40 E9-44 E9-48


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