Industrial filter product description


MANN P19185

Replacement HILCO PH71803CN hydraulic filter element


Technical parameters
Part Number: PH71803CN
Product Media: Glass
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 102
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248

Replacement HILCO PH71803CN hydraulic filter element

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Replacement HILCO PH71803CN hydraulic filter element
HILCO filter element introduction:
HILCO filter element is used to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid or air, which can protect the normal operation of the equipment or the cleanliness of the air. When the fluid enters the filter element with a certain size filter, its impurities are blocked, and the clean fluid flows out through the filter element.. The filter element has the advantages of large oil passing capacity, high filtering accuracy, small pressure loss, and large dirt holding capacity.
Technical parameters

Part Number: PH71803CN
Part Type: Hydraulic
Capacity (GR): 236
Filter Area (SQ IN): 3192
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Gasket Material: Buna
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFC

HILCO PH71803CN filter element related models recommended

PH-718-01-CG PH-718-01-CGV PH-718-03-CG PH739-16-CG
PH-718-03-CGV PH-718-05-CG PH-718-05-CGV PH-718-10-CG
PH-718-10-CGV PH-718-12-CG PH-718-12-CGV PH-739-01-CG
PH-739-01-CGV PH-739-03-CG PH-739-03-CGV PH-739-05-CG
PH-739-05-CGV PH-739-10-CG PH310-01-C PH310-03-C
PH310-05-C PH310-1/2 PH310-10 PH310-10-C PH310-20-C
PH310-40C PH312-01-CG PH312-01-CGV PH312-03-CG
PH312-03-CGV PH312-05-CG PH312-05-CGV PH312-10-CG
PH312-10-CGV PH312-11-CG PH312-11-CGV PH312-12-CG
PH312-12-CGV PH414-01-CG PH414-01-CGV PH414-03-CG
PH414-03-CGV PH414-05-CG PH414-05-CGV PH414-05-CGVRF
PH414-10-CG PH414-10-CGV PH414-11-CG PH414-11-CGV
PH414-12-CG PH414-12-CGV PH414-14-CG PH426-01-CG1V
PH426-03-CG1V PH426-11-CG1V PH426-12-CG1V PH43011CGVGE
PH511-01-C PH511-01-CG PH511-01-CGV PH511-03-CGV
PH511-03-CRN PH511-03CN PH511-05-CGV PH511-05C
PH511-10-C PH511-10-CG PH511-10-CGV PH511-11-C
PH511-11-CGV PH511-12-C PH511-12-CG PH511-12-CGV
PH511-12-CR PH511-12-CRN PH511-20CG PH511-20CGV
PH511-40C PH511-40CG PH511-40CGV PH51103-C PH51120C
PH518-01-C PH518-01-CR PH518-01-CRN PH518-03-C
PH518-03-CG PH518-03-CR PH518-03-CRN PH518-05-C
PH518-05-CR PH518-05-CRN PH518-10-C PH518-10-CR
PH518-10-CRN PH518-12-CG PH518-12-CR PH518-12-CRN
PH518-12C PH518-20-CRN PH518-40-C PH518-40-CR
PH520-01-CG PH520-03CGVRF PH528-05-CG1 PH530-03-CGV
PH620-01-CG PH620-01-CGV PH620-03-CG PH620-03-CGV
PH620-05-CG PH620-05-CGV PH620-10-CG PH620-10-CGV
PH620-11-CG PH620-11-CGV PH620-12-CGV PH620-14-CG
PH620-14-CGV PH620-20CG PH620-20CGV PH620-40CG
PH620-40CGV PH639-05-C PH718-01 PH718-01-C PH718-01-CN
PH718-01-CNV PH718-01-CRN PH718-01-CRNV PH718-01CNVGE
PH718-03 PH718-03-C PH718-03-CN PH718-03-CNV
PH718-03-CNVG3 PH718-03-CNVGE PH718-03-CRNV
PH718-03CNVGE PH718-05-C PH718-05-CN PH718-05-CNV
PH718-05-CR PH718-05-CRN PH718-05CNVGE PH718-1-CRNV
PH718-10 PH718-10-CN PH718-10-CR PH718-10-CRN
PH718-10C PH718-10CN PH718-11-CN PH718-11-CNV
PH718-11-CNVGE PH718-12 PH718-12-C PH718-12-CN
PH718-12-CNV PH718-12-CR PH718-12-CRN PH718-12-CRNV
PH718-14-CN PH718-16-CN PH718-20 PH718-20-C PH718-20-CN
PH718-20-CNV PH718-20-CR PH718-20-CRN PH718-20-CRP
PH718-20-NBF PH718-40 PH718-40-CN PH718-40-CR
PH718-40-CRN PH718-40C PH720-01-CG PH720-01-CG-V
PH720-03-CG PH720-03-CGV PH720-10 PH720-12-CG
PH720-12-CGV PH730-01-CG1VGE PH73001CG PH736-10-CNB
PH739-01-CGJSRF PH739-10-CGV PH739-11-CG PH739-14-CG
PH739-11-CG1VGE PH739-11-CGV PH739-12-CG PH739-12-CGV
PHK1000 PHK4000


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