Industrial filter product description



Replacement HILCO PL71810CN hydraulic filter element


Technical parameters
Part Number: PL71810CN
Product Media: Paper
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 58
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248

Replacement HILCO PL71810CN hydraulic filter element

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Replacement HILCO PL71810CN hydraulic filter element
HILCO filter element introduction:
HILCO filter element is used to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid or air, which can protect the normal operation of the equipment or the cleanliness of the air. When the fluid enters the filter element with a certain size filter, its impurities are blocked, and the clean fluid flows out through the filter element.. The filter element has the advantages of large oil passing capacity, high filtering accuracy, small pressure loss, and large dirt holding capacity.
Technical parameters

Part Number: PL71810CN
Part Type: Hydraulic
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Gasket Material: Buna
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV

HILCO PL71810CN filter element related models recommended

PL15-303 PL310-03-01TBP0 PL310-03-C PL310-10-1C
PL310-12-01TB00 PL310-12-01TC00 PL310-12-BC PL310-12-CV
PL310-306 PL310-54 PL310-54A PL310-54B PL310-54B (KIT)
PL310-54C PL315-5 PL327-5 PL511-03-01ZLP0 PL511-03-02ZLP0
PL511-05-01ZLP0 PL511-05-02NLP0 PL511-05-02ZLP0 PL511-05C
PL511-10-01ZLP0 PL511-10-02ZLP0 PL511-10-C PL511-11
PL511-12-02ZL00 PL511-151 PL511-21 PL511-21N PL511-304
PL511-305 PL511-356 PL511-357 PL518-03-03ZLP0
PL518-05-03ZLP0 PL518-05-CR PL518-10-03ZLP0 PL518-10C
PL518-12-03NL00 PL518-12-CR PL518-265 PL518-308 PL518-358
PL518-360 PL715-03-08ZBP0 PL718-02-CN PL718-03-03ZLP0
PL718-03-04ZLP0 PL718-03-050LPO PL718-03-CR PL718-03-N
PL718-03C PL718-05-03ZL00 PL718-05-03ZLP0 PL718-05-04000P
PL718-05-04NLP0 PL718-05-04NNP0 PL718-05-04ZLPO
PL718-05-050LP0 PL718-05-CN PL718-05-CR PL718-05-CRN
PL718-05-N PL718-05C PL718-10-03ZLP0 PL718-10-04ZLP0
PL718-10-CN PL718-10-N PL718-10CR PL718-10EC PL718-118
PL718-12 PL718-12-04ZL00 PL718-12-050L00 PL718-12-C
PL718-12-CN PL718-12-CR PL718-12-CRN PL718-14 PL718-14-1
PL718-19 PL718-20-04ZLP0 PL718-20CN PL718-25 PL718-26
PL718-3-CN PL718-302 PL718-307 PL718-354 PL718-355
PL718-405 PL718-406 PL718-475 PL718-476 PL718-5 PL718-6
PL718-6AN PL718-6N PL730-05-03ZLP0 PL730-144 PL736-01-CN
PL736-05-CN PL-310-12-BCK PL-310-12-CV PL-718-05-03ZLPO
PL-718-05-NC PL-718-10C PL-718-6N PL310-03-01TBPO
PL310-05-01TBPO PL310-05-01TBPO PL310-05-C PLD718-03C
PL310-10-01TBPO PL310-10-01TBP0 PL310-10C PL310-12-01TBOO
PL310-12-C PL310-20-C PL310-359 PL310-53 PL510-288
PL511-0-151 PL511-01-C PL511-01-CR PL511-01-CRN
PL511-03-01ZLPO PL511-03-02ZLPO PL511-03-C PL511-03-CR
PL511-03-CRN PL511-05-01 ZLPO PL511-05-02NLPO
PL511-05-02ZLPO PL511-05-C PL511-05-CN PL511-05-CR
PL511-05-CRN PL511-05-GE PL511-10-01ZLPO PL511-10-02ZLPO
PL511-10-C PL511-10-CR PL511-10-CRN PL511-11 PL736-20-CR
PL511-12-01NLOO PL511-12-01ZLOO PL511-12-02ZLOO
PL511-12-CN PL511-12C PL511-151 PL511-151N PL511-20-C
PL511-20-CR PL511-20-CRN PL511-21 PL511-21N PL511-305
PL511-356 PL511-357 PL511-57 PL511-57N PL518-01-C
PL518-01-CR PL518-01-CRN PL518-03-03ZLPO PL518-03-C
PL518-03-CR PL518-03-CRN PL518-05-03NLPO PL518-05-03ZLPO
PL518-05-C PL518-05-CRN PL518-10-03ZL PL518-10-CR
PL518-10-CRN PL518-10C PL518-12-03NLOO PL518-12-C
PL518-12-CRN PL518-20-C PL518-20-CR PL518-20-CRN
PL518-265N PL5T8-358 PL614-50C PL718-01-C PL718-01-CN
PL718-01-CNB PL718-01-CNR PL718-01-CR PL718-01-CRN
PL718-03 PL718-03-03ZLPO PL718-03-05OLPO PL718-03-CN
PL718-03-CRN PL718-03-E PL718-03-EC PL718-03-ECR PL718-05
PL718-05-03NLPO PL718-05-03NNPO PL718-05-03ZLOO
PL718-05-03ZLPO PL718-05-03ZNPO PL718-05-04NLPO
PL718-05-04NNPO PL718-05-04ZLPO PL718-05-04ZNPO
PL718-05-05OLOO PL718-05-05OLPO PL718-05-C PL718-05-CN
PL718-05-CNALS PL718-05-CR PL718-05-E PL718-05-EC
PL718-05-ECR PL718-05-GE PL718-05CNGE PL718-05CNV
PL718-06 PL718-10 PL718-10-03ZLPO PL718-10-04NLPO
PL718-10-04ZLPO PL718-10-04ZNPO PL718-10-050LPO
PL718-10-AECR PL718-10-C PL718-10-CN PL718-10-CR
PL718-10-CRN PL718-10-E PL718-10-EC PL718-10-ECR
PL718-118 PL718-118A PL718-118J PL718-118N PL736-20-C
PL718-12-03NLOO PL718-12-03OLOO PL718-12-03ZL00
PL718-12-03ZLOJ PL718-12-03ZLOO PL718-12N PL718-302
PL736-05-CNB PL736-10-C PL736-10-CR PL736-10-CRN
PL736-12-C PL736-12-CR PL736-12-CRN PL736-20-CRN


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