Industrial filter product description



Replacement Hiross Q015 precision filter element


Hiross precision filter element features:
1. High filtration efficiency;
2. Corrosion resistance;
3. High intensity;
4. Low airflow resistance;
5. Long service life.

Replacement Hiross Q015 precision filter element

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Replacement Hiross Q015 precision filter element
Hiross precision filter element introduction:
Hiross filter precision filter element is made of European high-quality filter material and stainless steel frame.
The outer layer of Hiross precision filter element adopts oil-resistant and acid-resistant chemically-resistant hydrophobic foam sleeve, which prevents coalesced liquid from re-entering the airflow, ensuring high-efficiency degreasing and water removal.
Filter element working principle:
The filter element is an important part of the filter. When the mixed gas containing impurities is passed through the filter element, the liquid, oil mist, solid particles, oil vapor, hydrocarbons, odors, bacteria, etc. in the mixed gas are filtered out; In addition, except for a few filter elements which are regenerative, the filter elements need to be replaced after a period of use.
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