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Replacement HYDAC 0030D003BH3HC high pressure Hydraulic Filter Element


Technical parameters
Part Number: 0030D003BH3HC
Product Media: Glass
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 3045
Operating Temp Min (F)~Max (F): -13~248
Gasket Material: Viton

Replacement HYDAC 0030D003BH3HC high pressure Hydraulic Filter Element

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Replacement HYDAC 0030D003BH3HC high pressure hydraulic filter element
In the hydraulic system, it is used to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, effectively controlling the pollution degree of the working medium. This series of HYDAC filter elements are developed by hengshui Yinbeier to solve the defects of high price and long supply cycle of the original filter elements. They can replace the original HYDAC filter elements after being localized for imported equipment.
Performance characteristics:
1. Directly swap with the matched filter element;
2. Strict quality management system ensures the size error of filter element in length, diameter and sealing surface;
3. The filtering efficiency of Yinbeier HYDAC replacement filter element is equal to or higher than that of the original filter element;
4. Anti-corrosion cap end and fully bonded structure ensure the maximum strength;
5. Meets all ISO standards for manufacturing and testing;
6. Cost-effective selection of the whole system and high-quality filter materials;
7. Filter material compatibility is suitable for filtering most hydraulic oil and lubricating oil;
8.The price is competitive.
HYDAC 0030D003BH3HC filter element model analysis:
0030   D   003   BH   3HC
(1)     (2)    (3)    (4)     (5)
(1) the model of the filter element and the nominal flow of the filter, and the size of the filter element;
(2) the filter types: R – oil return filter D – high pressure filter;
(3) filter element filtering accuracy;
(4)Filter material: BN, bh-glass fiber; p-filter paper; w-stainless steel mesh; v-metal sintered mesh;
(5) filter element has rhombohedral outer skeleton (microporous plate) : HC- no rhombohedral outer skeleton; 4HC/3HC- with rhombohedral outer skeleton;
Technical parameters

Part Type:Hydraulic
OD Top:1.378
ID Top:0.476
OD Bottom:1.378
Capacity (GR):4
Filter Area (SQ IN):49
Flow Direction:Outside-In
Fluid Type:HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

HYDAC 0030D003BH3HC filter element related models recommended

0030D003BH 0030D003BH3 0030D003BH3HC 0030D003BH3HCV
0030D003BH4HC 0030D003BH4HCV 0030D003BHHC 0030D003BNHCV
0030D005BH4HCV 0030D003BHHCV 0030D003P 0030D005BHHC
0030D003BHV 0030D003V 0030D005BHHCV 0030D003BN3HC
0030D003VV 0030D005BHV 0030D003BN3HCV 0030D005BH
0030D005BN3HC 0030D003BN4HC 0030D005BH3HC 0030D005BN3HCV
0030D003BN4HCV 0030D005BH3HCV 0030D005BN4HC 0030D003BNHC
0030D005BH4HC 0030D005BN4HCV 0030D005BNHC 0030D010BH3HCV
0030D010BN4HC 0030D005BNHCV 0030D010BH4HC 0030D010BN4HCV
0030D005P 0030D010BH4HCV 0030D010BNHC 0030D005V
0030D010BHHC 0030D010BNHCV 0030D005VV 0030D010BHHCV
0030D010P 0030D010BH 0030D010BHV 0030D010V
0030D010BH3 0030D010BN3HC 0030D010VV 0030D010BH3HC
0030D010BN3HCV 0030D020BH 0030D020BH3 0030D020BN3HC
0030D020VV 0030D020BH3HC 0030D020BN3HCV 0030D025W
0030D020BH3HCV 0030D020BN4HC 0030D025WHC 0030D020BH4HC
0030D020BN4HCV 0030D025WHCV 0030D020BH4HCV 0030D020BNHC
0030D025WV 0030D020BHHC 0030D020BNHCV 0030D050W
0030D020BHHCV 0030D020P 0030D050WHC 0030D020BHV
0030D020V 0030D050WHCV 0030D050WV 0030D149W
0030D074W 0030D149WHC 0030D074WHC 0030D149WHCV
0030D074WHCV 0030D149WV 0030D074WV 0030D200WHC
0030D100W 0030D100WHC 0030D100WV


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