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Replacement Hypro HP501L525M hydraulic filter element


Technical parameters
Part Number: HP501L525M
Product Media: Glass
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 3045
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248

Replacement Hypro HP501L525M hydraulic filter element

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Replacement Hypro HP501L525M hydraulic filter element
Hypro filter element introduction:
Hypro filter element is made of high-quality filter material, which is widely used in hydraulic system to remove solid particles and colloidal substances in the media, reduce the relative surface friction of hydraulic components, and improve the reliability of the system.Ensure the safe and efficient operation of hydraulic system and lubrication system.
Technical parameters
Pressure: H-21MPa; M-16MPa; C-3.0MPa; L-1.6MPa;
Accuracy: 1-3um 3-5 um 5-12 um 20-25 um ……..;
Materials: glass fiber filter paper-BN; stainless steel woven mesh-W; wood pulp filter paper-P; stainless steel sintered mesh-V;
Sealing material: Z-fluoro rubber ring; D-nitrile butadiene rubber.

Part Number: HP501L525M
Part Type: Hydraulic
Capacity (GR): 30
Filter Area (SQ IN): 339
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

Hypro HP501L525M filter element related models recommended

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HP400L1010MB HP400L15100WB HP51L82MB HP59HL1316MB
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HP400L1510MB HP400L1025MV HP400L1510MV HP51L815MV
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HP400L1560WV HP450L1825WB HP400L1525WB HP400L156MB
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HP450L186MV HP450L93MV HP455L1812MV HP450L1874WB
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HP450L912MV HP450L96MV HP455L1825WV HP450L925WB
HP450L974WB HP455L183MB HP450L925WV HP450L974WV
HP455L183MV HP450L93MB HP455L1812MB HP455L1840WB
HP455L1840WV HP455L925MV HP455L96MV HP455L186MB
HP455L925WB HP455L974WB HP455L186MV HP455L925WV
HP455L974WV HP455L1874WB HP455L93MB HP49L156AB
HP455L1874WV HP455L93MV HP49L156AV HP455L912MB
HP455L940WB HP500L5100W HP455L912MV HP455L940WV
HP500L510M HP455L925M HP455L96MB HP500L525M
HP500L525W HP501L56M HP50L166MV HP500L53M
HP50L1612MB HP50L812MB HP500L540W HP50L1612MV
HP50L812MV HP500L56M HP50L1625MB HP50L825MB
HP500L574W HP50L1625MV HP50L825MV HP501L510M
HP50L163MB HP50L83MB HP501L525M HP50L163MV
HP50L83MV HP501L53M HP50L166MB HP50L86MB
HP50L86MV HP51L82MV HP59HL1316MV HP51L1615MB
HP52NL1010MB HP59NL1316MB HP51L815MB HP54NL410NB
HP59NL1316MV HP51L162MB HP53L810MB HP51L162MV
HP53L810MV HP51L1615MV HP52NL1010MV


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