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Replacement INTERNORMEN 01E33016VG16SP Hydraulic Filter Element


Technical parameters
Part Number: 01E33016VG16SP
Product Media: Glass
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 232
Operating Temp Min (F)~Max (F): -13~248
Gasket Material: Viton

Replacement INTERNORMEN 01E33016VG16SP Hydraulic Filter Element

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Replacement INTERNORMEN 01E33016VG16SP hydraulic filter element
Introduction to INTERNORMEN filter element:
The filter element is used in the hydraulic system, which can effectively filter out the solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, reduce the relative surface friction of the hydraulic components, improve the reliability of the system, and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the hydraulic system and lubrication system. The filter element produced by our company is made of imported filter material of high quality. Its quality and performance can meet the standard of imported filter element, which can completely replace imported filter element. At the same time, it is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, aviation, electronics, environmental protection, nuclear industry, fire equipment and other fields.
Test standard:
Filter element – resistance to rupture verified according to ISO 2941
Filter element – structural integrity as per ISO 2942
Filter element – material and liquid compatibility verification according to ISO 2943
Filter element – end – load test method as per ISO 3723
Filter element – determination of fatigue characteristics according to ISO 3724
Filter element – differential pressure flow characteristics according to ISO 3968
Filter element – multiple pass method for determining filtration characteristics according to ISO 4572
Technical parameters

Part Type: Hydraulic
Height: 11.960
OD Top: 2.953
ID Top: 1.772
OD Bottom: 2.953
BPVS_Setting (PSI): 29
Capacity (GR): 61
Filter Area (SQ IN): 622
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

INTERNORMEN 01E33016VG16SP filter element related models recommended

01E3010VG30EP 01E3010VG30EV 01E3010VGHREP 01E3010VGHREV
01E303VG30EP 01E306VGHREP 01E3016VG30EP 01E303VG30EV
01E306VGHREV 01E3016VG30EV 01E303VGHREP 01E3080GHREP
01E3016VGHREP 01E303VGHREV 01E32010P16SP 01E3025GHREP
01E3040GHREP 01E32010VG16SP 01E3025VG30EP 01E3040GHREV
01E32010VG16SV 01E3025VGHREP 01E306VG30EP 01E320130G16SP
01E3025VGHREV 01E306VG30EV 01E32016VG16SP 01E32016VG16SV
01E32025VG16SV 01E33010VG16SV 01E32025G16SP 01E3203VG16SP
01E330130G16EP 01E32025G16SV 01E32040G16SP 01E330130G16EV
01E32025P16SP 01E3206VG16SP 01E330130G16SP 01E32025P16SV
01E3206VG16SV 01E33016VG16SP 01E32025VG16EP 01E32080G16SP
01E330250G16SP 01E32025VG16EV 01E33010P16SP 01E33025G16EP
01E32025VG16SP 01E33010VG16SP 01E33025G16EV 01E33025G16SP
01E3303VG16SV 01E36010G30EP 01E33025P16SP 01E33040G16EP
01E36010GHREP 01E33025VG16EP 01E33040G16EV 01E36010VG30EP
01E33025VG16EV 01E33040G16SP 01E36010VG30EV 01E33025VG16SP
01E330500G16EP 01E36010VGHREP 01E3303VG16EP 01E330500G16EV
01E36010VGHREV 01E3303VG16EV 01E3306VG16SP 01E360130G30EP
01E3303VG16SP 01E33080G16SP 01E360130GHREP 01E36016VG30EP
01E36025VGHREP 01E36040GHREV 01E36016VGHREP 01E36025VGHREV
01E3606VG30EP 01E360250G30EP 01E3603VG30EP 01E3606VG30EV
01E36025G30EP 01E3603VG30EV 01E3606VGHREP 01E36025GHREP
01E3603VGHREP 01E36080G30EP 01E36025GHREV 01E3603VGHREV
01E36025VG30EP 01E36040G30EP 01E36025VG30EP 01E36040G30EP
01E36025VG30EV 01E36040GHREP


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