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Replacement LEEMIN FBX-250×10 direct-return self-sealing magnetic oil return filter element


Performance index of LEEMIN filter element:
Filtration accuracy: 1 μm ~ 100 μm;
Working pressure: 21bar-210bar;
Operating temperature :-30℃~+110℃
Medium: general hydraulic oil, phosphoric acid hydraulic oil, emulsion, water-Ethylene glycol;
Materials: fiberglass filter paper -BN, stainless steel woven mesh -W, wood pulp filter paper -P, stainless steel sintered mesh -V.

Replacement LEEMIN FBX-250×10 direct-return self-sealing magnetic oil return filter element

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Replacement LEEMIN RFB series direct-return self-sealing magnetic oil return filter element
LEEMIN filter element introduction:
LEEMIN filter core is mainly used in the hydraulic system, which is used to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium, and achieve the role of purifying medium. The material used by the filter element is easily damaged. Please pay attention to the maintenance when using it. Replacement at any time, has achieved the purpose of increasing service life. Filter the larger particles in the medium, purify the material, so that the machine and equipment to achieve normal operation, improve the use efficiency.
LEEMIN filter element testing standard:
(1) ISO 2942 hydraulic transmission – filter – determination of structural integrity;
(2) ISO 16889 hydraulic transmission – filters – multiple pass method for determination of filtration characteristics;
(3) ISO 3968 hydraulic transmission – filter – pressure drop flow characteristics measurement;
(4) ISO 3724 hydraulic drively-filter core-flow fatigue characteristics measurement;
(5) ISO 3723 hydraulic transmission – filter – axial load test method;
(6) ISO 2943 hydraulic drive – filter core – material and liquid compatibility verification;
(7) ISO 2941 hydraulic transmission – filter – proof of rupture resistance.
LEEMIN FBX-250×10 filter element related models recommended

FBX-25×1 FBX-25×3 FBX-25×5 FBX-25×10 FBX-25×20 FBX-25×30
FBX-40×1 FBX-40×3 FBX-40×5 FBX-40×10 FBX-40×20 FBX-40×30
FBX-63×1 FBX-63×3 FBX-63×5 FBX-63×10 FBX-63×20 FBX-63×30
FBX-100×1 FBX-100×3 FBX-100×5 FBX-100×10 FBX-100×20 FBX-100×30
FBX-160×1 FBX-160×3 FBX-160×5 FBX-160×10 FBX-160×20 FBX-160×30
FBX-250×1 FBX-250×3 FBX-250×5 FBX-250×10 FBX-250×20 FBX-250×30
FBX-400×1 FBX-400×3 FBX-400×5 FBX-400×10 FBX-400×20 FBX-400×30
FBX-630×1 FBX-630×3 FBX-630×5 FBX-630×10 FBX-630×20 FBX-630×30
FBX-800×1 FBX-800×3 FBX-800×5 FBX-800×10 FBX-800×20 FBX-800×30
FBX-1000×1 FBX-1000×3 FBX-1000×5 FBX-1000×10 FBX-1000×20 FBX-1000×30
FBX-1300×1 FBX-1300×3 FBX-1300×5 FBX-1300×10 FBX-1300×20 FBX-1300×30


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