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Liutech 2205400005

Replacement Liutech 2205400005 oil filter element


Liutech oil filter element performance:
1. Life: > 2000h;
2. The oil content of compressed air is below 3ppm;
3. Filtration efficiency: 99.99%;
4. Performance: high temperature and pressure resistance.

Replacement Liutech 2205400005 oil filter element

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Replacement Liutech 2205400005 oil filter element
Liutech oil filter element product overview:
During the operation of the engine, metal wear debris, dust, carbon deposits oxidized at high temperatures, colloidal precipitates, water, etc. are constantly mixed into the lubricant. The role of Liuzhou Fidelity oil filter is to filter out metal particles and impurities in the special oil for air compressors, so that the oil entering the host is very clean, to protect the host’s safe operation and extend its service life. Liutech oil filter element has strong filtering ability, small circulation resistance, long service life and other properties.
Liutech oil filter element replacement standards:
1. Replace after the actual use time reaches the design use time. The design life of the oil filter element is usually 2000 hours, and it must be replaced after the expiration;
2. If the air compressor is in poor environmental condition, the use time should be shortened. It should be replaced immediately after the clogging alarm within the design life. The setting value of the oil filter clogging alarm is usually 1.0-1.4bar.
Hazards of oil filter element over-use:
1. Insufficient oil return after clogging leads to excessive exhaust temperature and shortens the service life of oil and oil separation core;
2. The amount of oil returned after the blockage is insufficient and the main engine is not sufficiently lubricated, resulting in a severe reduction in the life of the main engine. ;
3. After the filter element is broken, unfiltered ones containing a large amount of metal particles may enter the host, causing the host to be damaged.
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