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Liutech 2205433802

Replacement Liutech 2205433802 air filter element


Technical Parameters:
1.Filtration efficiency: 98%;
2. The service life can reach about 2000h;
3. Maximum working temperature: 110.
Tips: The air filter element should be placed in a dry and ventilated place to prevent moisture from affecting the life of the filter element.

Replacement Liutech 2205433802 air filter element

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Replacement Liutech 2205433802 air filter element
Liutech air compressor air filter element product overview:
Liutech air compressor air filter element is installed at the air inlet of the air compressor. It is used to filter out dust, sand, moisture, oil mist, etc. in the air source to ensure the cleanliness of the air source. The service life of the lubricant guarantees the safe and efficient operation of the air compressor. The filter media of the filter element of Liuzhou Fidelity air compressor is made of wood pulp paper imported from the United States and South Korea, and the efficiency is above 98%.
standard test:
Filter element-Verification of rupture resistance according to ISO 2941;
Filter element-structural integrity according to ISO 2942;
Filter element—Material and liquid compatibility verification according to ISO 2943;
Filter element—end load test method according to ISO 3723;
Filter element—The fatigue characteristics are measured according to ISO 3724;
Filter element—Pressure differential flow characteristics according to ISO 3968.
Liutech 2205433802 air filter element related models recommended

KLX02-01 KLX02-01 KLX04-01 KLX10-01 KLX10-01
KLX10-01 KLX12-01 KLX20-01 KLX20-01 KLX30-01
KLX30-01 2205106802 2205433802 2205116401 2205433805
2205433806 2205433807 2205490493 2205131201 2205137201
2205490420 2205490332


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