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Mahle PI3215SMXVST10

Replacement Mahle PI3215SMXVST10 Hydraulic Filter Element


Technical parameters
Part Number: PI3215SMXVST10
Product Media: Glass
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 3045
Operating Temp Min (F)~Max (F): -13~248

Replacement Mahle PI3215SMXVST10 Hydraulic Filter Element

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Replacement Mahle PI3215SMXVST10 hydraulic filter element
Introduction to Parker filter element:
Mahle hydraulic oil filter element is widely used in hydraulic systems to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, reduce the relative friction of the surface of hydraulic components, improve the reliability of the system, and ensure the reliable and efficient operation of the hydraulic system.
Inspection standards:
Filter element-rupture proof … ISO2941
Filter element-determination of structural integrity ISO2942
Filter element-material and liquid compatibility verification ISO2943
Filter element-Multipass method for determining filtration characteristics ISO4572
Filter element-differential pressure flow characteristics ISO3968
Filter element-end load test method ISO3723
Filter element-Determination of filter element fatigue characteristics ISO3724
Technical parameters

Part Type: Hydraulic
Height: 5.590
OD Top: 3.287
ID Top: 1.866
OD Bottom: 3.287
Capacity (GR): 33
Filter Area (SQ IN): 339
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

Mahle PI3215SMXVST10 filter element related models recommended

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PI3111SMX10 PI3160SM10 PI3105SM10 PI3115SM10
PI3160SMX10 PI3105SMX10 PI3115SMX10 PI3205SMVST10
PI3108PS10 PI3130PS10 PI3205SMXVST10 PI3108SM10
PI3130SM10 PI3208SMVST10 PI3108SMX10 PI3130SMX10
PI3208SMXVST10 PI3111PS10 PI3145SM10 PI3211SMVST10
PI35004DN PI35025DN PI3215SMXVST10 PI35004RN
PI35025RN PI3230SMVST10 PI35006DN PI35040DN
PI3230SMXVST10 PI35006RN PI35040RN PI3245SMVST10
PI35010DN PI35063DN PI3245SMXVST10 PI35010RN
PI35063RN PI3260SMVST10 PI35016DN PI35100DN
PI38025RN PI37040RN PI38006DRG100 PI38040DN
PI35100RN PI36016RN PI36100RN PI36004DN PI36025DN
PI37004DN PI36004RN PI36025RN PI37004RN PI36006DN
PI36040DN PI37006DN PI36006RN PI36040RN PI37006RN
PI36010DN PI36063DN PI37010DN PI36010RN PI36063RN
PI37010RN PI36016DN PI36100DN PI37016DN PI37016RN
PI37100RN PI38016DN PI37025DN PI38004DN PI38016RN
PI37025RN PI38004RN PI38025DN PI37040DN PI38006DN
PI37063DN PI38006RN PI38040RN PI37063RN PI38010DN
PI38063DN PI37100DN PI38010RN PI38063RN PI38100DN


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