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MANN H152222

Replacement MANN H152222 hydraulic filter element


Technical parameters
Part Number: H152222
Product Media:Paper
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 75
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248

Replacement MANN H152222 hydraulic filter element

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Replacement MANN H152222 hydraulic filter element
Introduction to MANN+HUMMEL hydraulic filter element
In the hydraulic system, MANN+HUMMEL filter element is mainly used to filter solid particles and gelatinous substances in the working medium, and effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium.
MANN+HUMMEL filter element product application:
MANN+HUMMEL filter element is widely used in petrochemical, mechanical processing, textile, engineering machinery vehicles, etc. It can efficiently filter impurities, solid particles and oil deterioration in lubricating oil, thus better protecting the running parts such as the main machine and extending the equipment. The service life.
Technical parameters

Part Number: H152222
Part Type: Hydraulic
Product Media: Paper
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 75
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

MANN filter element models recommended

H1070 H1095 H1142 H1266 H12901 H12921
H13104 H1375 H1376 H1483 H1496 H151112
H1519016 H152222 H15263 H15395 H20211
H25669 H61 H6143 H618 H7101X H723 H21105
H7241 ​​H7449 H839 HD1288 HD12882 HD14150
HD419 HD513 HD562 HD575 HD58 HD582
HD583 HD610 HD6121 HD6132 HD6221 HD624
HD65 HD652 HD725 HD976


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