Industrial filter product description



Replacement ORION EMS-400 precision filter element


Filtration accuracy
ELS level: 1μm
EMS level: 0.01μm
EKS grade: Activated carbon fiber adsorption filter, 0.01μm
EDS level: 99% removal of water droplets

Replacement ORION EMS-400 precision filter element

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Replacement ORION EMS-400 precision filter element
ORION precision filter element adopts stainless steel frame with different structure, corrosion resistance and excellent structural performance; high welding strength and low airflow resistance.
Different precision filter elements with different structural types and new “matrix mixed fibers” make the media contact area larger, which improves the filtration rate and improves the filtering effect. The closed foam-coated foam sleeve is resistant to oil and acid and chemical corrosion, which prevents the coalesced liquid from re-entering the airflow and ensures high-efficiency degreasing.
Testing standards
ISO 2941 Collapse & Burst Resistant
ISO 2942 Material Compatibility with Fluids
ISO 2943 Material Compatibility with Fluids
ISO 3724 Flow Fatigue Characteristics
ISO 3968 Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate
ISO 16889 Multi-pass Performance Testing
ORION EMS-400 precision filter element related models recommended

ELS-75 ELS-150 ELS-200 ELS-400 ELS-700 ELS-1000 ELS-1300 ELS-2000
EMS-75 EMS-150 EMS-200 EMS-400 EMS-700 EMS-1000 EMS-1300 EMS-2000
EKS-75 EKS-150 EKS-200 EKS-400 EKS-700 EKS-1000 EKS-1300 EKS-2000
EDS-75 EDS-150 EDS-200 EDS-400 EDS-700 EDS-1000 EDS-1300 EDS-2000


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