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Replacement PALL HC8900FDT16H Hydraulic Filter Element


Technical parameters
Part Number: HC8900FDT16H
Product Media: Glass
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 363
Operating Temp Min -Max(F): -13~248
Gasket Material: Viton

Replacement PALL HC8900FDT16H Hydraulic Filter Element

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Replacement PALL HC8900FDT16H hydraulic filter element

PALL filter element product introduction
Pall HC8900FDT16H hydraulic filter element is used in the hydraulic system to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, effectively controlling the pollution degree of the working medium.
PALL filter element plays a major role in filtering impurities in hydraulic system. The main granular impurities in the hydraulic system come from the normal mechanical wear of the hydraulic system. For these pollutants, Pall filter element can timely, fast and effectively filter the impurities, so as to ensure the good operation of the equipment.
Technical parameters

Part Type:Hydraulic
OD Top:3.780
ID Top:2.224
OD Bottom:3.780
Capacity (GR):123
Filter Area (SQ IN):1374
Flow Direction:Outside-In
Fluid Type:HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

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HC8900FKN26H HC8900FKP16H HC8900FKP8Z HC8900FKN26Z
HC8900FKP16Z HC8900FKS13H HC8900FKN39H HC8900FKP26H
HC8900FKS13Z HC8900FKN39Z HC8900FKP26Z HC8900FKS16H
HC8900FKN8H HC8900FKP35H HC8900FKS16Z HC8900FKN8Z
HC8900FKP39H HC8900FKS26H HC8900FKP13H HC8900FKP39Z
HC8900FKS26Z HC8900FKP13Z HC8900FKP8H HC8900FKS39H
HC8900FKS39Z HC8900FKT26Z HC8900FKZ16Z HC8900FKS8H
HC8900FKT39H HC8900FKZ26H HC8900FKS8Z HC8900FKT39Z
HC8900FKZ26Z HC8900FKT13H HC8900FKT8H HC8900FKZ39H
HC8900FKT13Z HC8900FKT8Z HC8900FKZ39Z HC8900FKT16H
HC8900FKZ13H HC8900FKZ8H HC8900FKT16Z HC8900FKZ13Z
HC8900FKZ8Z HC8900FKT26H HC8900FKZ16H HC8900FUN13H
HC8900FUN13Z HC8900FUN8Z HC8900FUP39H HC8900FUN16H
HC8900FUP13H HC8900FUP39Z HC8900FUN16Z HC8900FUP13Z
HC8900FUP8H HC8900FUN26H HC8900FUP16H HC8900FUP8Z
HC8900FUN26Z HC8900FUP16Z HC8900FUS13H HC8900FUN39H
HC8900FUP26H HC8900FUS13Z HC8900FUN39Z HC8900FUP26Z
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HC8900FUT16Z HC8900FUS39H HC8900FUT26H HC8900FUS8Z
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HC8900FUT39Z HC8900FUT13H HC8900FUT8H HC8900FUT13Z
HC8900FUT8Z HC8900FDN26Z


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