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Replacement PALL HFNX640Y150J meltblown filter element


Performance characteristics
1. Winding continuous polypropylene long fiber produced by melt blown technology with polypropylene as raw material;
2. High filtration accuracy, large flow, uniform structure, large amount of pollution, and long service life;
3. Has good chemical compatibility, without any additives, the fiber is not easy to fall off;
4. High dirt retention capacity;
5. Pure polypropylene structure.

Replacement PALL HFNX640Y150J meltblown filter element

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Replacement PALL HFNX series meltblown filter element
PALL HFNX series high flow meltblown filter element
Meltblown filter element is a tubular filter element made of non-toxic and odorless polypropylene particles, which is heated, melted, spun, drawn, and shaped. If the raw material is polypropylene, it can be called a PP meltblown filter element.
It is not only used in large quantities in water purification. It also has outstanding chemical compatibility and is suitable for filtration of strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents. Strong ability to accept pollution, long service life and low cost.
Features of PALL HFNX series high flow meltblown filter element:
1.Compact filter element pore size, high filtration efficiency, filtration efficiency above 99%;
2. High cleanliness, no pollution to water quality;
3. Resistant to the corrosion of chemical reagents and organic solvents such as acids and alkalis;
4. High strength, not easy to deform the filter element.
Pall HFNX640Y150J meltblown filter element related models recommended

HFNX620Y100J HFNX640Y100J HFNX660Y100J
HFNX620Y150J HFNX640Y150J HFNX660Y150J
HFNX620Y400J HFNX640Y400J HFNX660Y400J
HFNX620Y750J HFNX640Y750J HFNX660Y750J


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