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Pall HFU640GFK100H4W

Replacement Pall HFU640GFK100H4W high flow water filter element


Main technical parameters of Pall HFU series high flow filter element:
Filter material: high-quality fiberglass, stainless steel wire mesh, wood pulp paper
Sealing ring material: Ding Qing rubber
Working temperature: -10 ~ + 100 ℃
Filtration accuracy: 1 ~ 40 microns
Nominal pressure: 1.6MPA

Replacement Pall HFU640GFK100H4W high flow water filter element

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Replacement Pall HFU series high flow water filter element
Introduction of Pall HFU series high flow filter element:
Pall HFU series high-flow filter elements are used in reverse osmosis pre-filtration and other similar high-flow filter element applications, which can provide a longer service life than other 2.5-inch products. A single filter element can handle a flow rate greater than 250 gpm (950 lpm), which can reduce the use of the filter element or reduce the size of the membrane shell. Manually installed O-rings make the installation of the filter element more reliable, fast and easy. The large flux filter element is suitable for projects with a water volume of more than 30m3 / h, especially for medium and large, large and very large projects.
Application areas:
1. Reverse osmosis equipment security filtration, seawater desalination pretreatment;
2. Filtration of power plant condensate;
3. Filtration of raw materials, solvents, and water in the biopharmaceutical industry;
4. Filtering of mineral water, sugar liquid, edible oil, fruit juice, soft drinks, milk and other foods;
5.Chemical paints, coatings, petroleum water injection.
Pall HFU640GFK100H4W high flow water filter element related models recommended

HFU620UY200H4 HFU640UY200H4 HFU660UY200H4 HFU640GF020HFU HFU640GF100H1
HFU640GFK100H13 HFU620UY200H4W HFU640UY200H4W HFU660UY200H4W HFU640GF020H1
HFU640GF100H13 HFU640GFK100H13W HFU620UY200HW HFU640UY200HW HFU660UY200HW
HFU640GF020H13 HFU640GF100H13W HFU640GFK100H4 HFU620UY200J HFU640UY200J
HFU660UY200J HFU640GF020H13W HFU640GF100H4 HFU640GFK100H4W HFU620UY400H
HFU640UY400H HFU660UY400H HFU640GF020H4 HFU640GF100H4W HFU640GFK100HW
HFU620UY400H1 HFU640UY400H1 HFU660UY400H1 HFU640GF020H4W HFU640GF100HW
HFU640GFK100J HFU620UY400H13 HFU640UY400H13 HFU660UY400H13 HFU640GF020HW
HFU640GF100J HFU640GFK100JW HFU620UY400H13W HFU640UY400H13W HFU660UY400H13W
HFU640GF020J HFU640GF100JW HFU640J060H1 HFU620UY400H4 HFU640UY400H4
HFU660UY400H4 HFU640GF020JW HFU640GF200H HFU640J060H13 HFU620UY400H4W
HFU640UY400H4W HFU660UY400H4W HFU640GF060H HFU640GF200H1 HFU640J060H13W
HFU620UY400HW HFU640UY400HW HFU660UY400HW HFU640GF060H1 HFU640GF200H13
HFU640J060H4 HFU620UY400J HFU640UY400J HFU660UY400J HFU640GF060H13
HFU640GF200H13W HFU640J060H4W HFU620UY700H1 HFU640UY700H1 HFU660UY700H1
HFU640GF060H13W HFU640GF200H4 HFU640J060HW HFU620UY700H13 HFU640UY700H13
HFU660UY700H13 HFU640GF060H4 HFU640GF200H4W HFU640J060J HFU620UY700H13W
HFU640UY700H13W HFU660UY700H13W HFU640GF060H4W HFU640GF200HW HFU640J100H1
HFU620UY700H4 HFU640UY700H4 HFU660UY700H4 HFU640GF060HW HFU640GF200J
HFU640J100H13 HFU620UY700H4W HFU640UY700H4W HFU660UY700H4W HFU640GF060J
HFU640GF200JW HFU640J100H13W HFU620UY700HW HFU640UY700HW HFU660UY700HW
HFU640GF060JW HFU640GFK100H HFU640J100H4 HFU620UY700J HFU640UY700J
HFU660UY700J HFU640GF100H HFU640GFK100H1 HFU640J100H4W HFU640J100J
HFU640J200H1 HFU640J200H13 HFU640J200H13W HFU640J100HW


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