Industrial filter product description


Parker G03380

Replacement Parker G03380 Hydraulic Filter Element


Technical parameters
Part Number: G03380
Product Media: Glass
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 363
Operating Temp Min -Max(F): -13~248
Gasket Material: Viton

Replacement Parker G03380 Hydraulic Filter Element

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Replacement Parker G03380 hydraulic filter element
Introduction to Parker filter element:
Parker hydraulic oil filter elements are mainly used to filter solid particles and colloidal substances, effectively controlling the pollution of the working medium.
Features of Parker filter element:
1. Good filtering performance and uniform surface filtering performance for filtering particle size of 2-200μm.
2. Good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, pressure resistance and wear resistance;
3. The pores of PARKER filter element have even and precise filtering accuracy;
4. PARKER filter element is suitable for various hydraulic environments; it can be reused after cleaning without replacement.
Technical parameters

Part Type: Hydraulic
Height: 9.130
OD Top: 2.898
ID Top: 1.260
OD Bottom: 2.898
Capacity (GR): 36
Filter Area (SQ IN): 489
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

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