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Replacement PARKER RFP010-40 high flow water filter element


Features of PARKER RFP series high flow water filter element:
• The filter element has a large amount of dirt and has a long service life;
• fewer replacements to reduce labor costs;
• Sealed interface design reduces the risk of side flow and improves filtration efficiency;
• Easy installation and low labor costs;
• A wide range of chemical applications can be applied in a variety of fields.

Replacement PARKER RFP010-40 high flow water filter element

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Replacement PARKER RFP series high flow water filter element
Features and specifications of PARKER RFP series high flow filter element
● High flow means using fewer number of filter elements, reducing labor and operating costs;
● High flow rate means the use of smaller filter housings, reducing investment costs and saving floor space;
● Filter element replacement is faster, easier and safer
● O-ring to ensure the reliability of the filter;
● The hot-melt polypropylene material can prevent particles from being released and unloaded, which is different from ordinary wire-wound filter elements;
● Foldable surface design makes the pressure drop of the high flow filter element lower than other filter elements, and the service life is longer.
● Allows high-flow media to pass through the filter material, which has the advantages of high efficiency, low pressure loss, and long life.
● The inside and outside structure of the filter element makes it easy to replace the filter element, while keeping pollutants trapped inside the filter element.
● The metal-free structure of the filter element makes it possible to perform environmentally friendly treatment such as complete combustion and crushing.
● The β value of the filter element reaches 3000.
● Multiple filter elements can be installed in the filter housing, which can use a wide range of flow rates, whether it is started or continuous operation.
● The filter element is durable and can be configured with the least and most economical filter.
Testing standards
Filter element-Anti-rupture verification ISO2941
Filter element-Structural integrity test ISO2942
Filter element-end load test method ISO3723
Filter element—pressure differential flow characteristic experiment ISO3968
Filter element—Multipass method for determining filtration characteristics ISO4572
PARKER RFP010-40 high flow water filter element related models recommended

RFP010-40NPX-L RFP050-40NPX-L RFP100-40NPX-L
RFP500-40NPX-L RFP1000-40NPX-L RFP010-40
RFP050-40 RFP100-40 RFP500-40 RFP1000-40


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