Industrial filter product description


Rexroth 410G200A000M

Replacement Rexroth 410G200A000M hydraulic filter element


Technical Parameters
Product number: 410G200A000M
Product Media: Stainless Mesh
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 435
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248

Replacement Rexroth 410G200A000M hydraulic filter element

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Replacement Rexroth 410G200A000M hydraulic filter element
Rexroth hydraulic filter element is made of high-quality filter material and stainless steel frame, which is used to filter out impurities in the oil and keep the oil clean. Rexroth filter element is completely made according to ISO testing standard, superior filtering effect reduces the loss of oil impurities to the equipment and prolongs the service life of the equipment. The company mainly produces filter cartridges, filters, oil filters and other products. Rexroth filter cartridges are domestic alternative filter cartridges with high quality and low price.
standard test:
Filter element rupture proof according to ISO 2941
Filter element structural integrity according to ISO 2942
Filter element compatibility verification according to ISO 2943
Filter characteristics according to ISO 4572
Filter differential pressure characteristics according to ISO 3968
Technical Parameters

Product number:  410G200A000M
Part Type: Hydraulic
Thread Size: 16×1.5 MM
Filter Area (SQ IN): 25
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Gasket Material: Viton
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

Rexroth 410G200A000M hydraulic filter element related models recommended

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406G100A000M 406H6XLA000M 406G10A000M 406M10A000M
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406P10A000M 406P25A000M 410H10XLA000M 410P5A000M
406P5A000M 410H20XLA000M 420G100A000M 410G100A000M
410H3XLA000M 420G10A000M 410G10A000M 410H6XLA000M
420G25A000M 410G200A000M 410M10A000M 420G40A000M
410G25A000M 410M5A000M 420G60A000M 410G40A000M
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420H20XLA000M 420H3XLA000M 420H6XLA000M 420M10A000M
420M5A000M 420P10A000M 420P25A000M 420P5A000M
620125KH20XLJ000V 651300H10XLG40000B4M 651300H3XLG40000B4M
651300H6XLG40000B4M 620056KH20XLJ000V 80130P10S000M 80130P20S000M
80180H10XLS000M 80180H20XLS000M 80130H10XLS000M 80180H3XLS000M
80130H20XLS000M 80180H6XLS000M 80130H3XLS000M 80180P10S000M
80130H6XLS000M 80180P20S000M 80260H10XLS000M 804521H3XLS000M
806021P10S000M 80260H20XLS000M 804521H6XLS000M 806021P20S000M
80260H3XLS000M 804521P10S000M 80612 80260H6XLS000M 804521P20S000M
8090H10XLS000M 80260P10S000M 806021H10XLS000M 8090H20XLS000M
80260P20S000M 806021H20XLS000M 8090H3XLS000M 804521H10XLS000M
806021H3XLS000M 8090H6XLS000M 804521H20XLS000M 806021H6XLS000M
8090P10S000M 8090P20S000M 81180H20XLS000M 81260H6XLS000M
81130H10XLS000M 81180H3XLS000M 81260P10S000M 81130H20XLS000M
81180H6XLS000M 81260P20S000M 81130H3XLS000M 81180P10S000M
8190H10XLS000M 81130H6XLS000M 81180P20S000M 8190H20XLS000M
81130P10S000M 81260H10XLS000M 8190H3XLS000M 81130P20S000M
81260H20XLS000M 8190H6XLS000M 81180H10XLS000M 81260H3XLS000M
8190P10S000M 8190P20S000M 8245DP5S000M 8280DP5S000M
8245DH10XLS000M 8280DH10XLS000M 8245DH15XLS000M 8280DH15XLS000M
8245DH20XLS000M 8280DH20XLS000M 8245DH3XLS000M 8280DH3XLS000M
8245DH6XLS000M 8280DH6XLS000M 8245DP10S000M 8280DP10S000M
8245DP25S000M 8280DP25S000M


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