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Replacement Sofima CH152FD11 Hydraulic Filter Element


Technical parameters
Part Number: CH152FD11
Product Media: Glass
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 305
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248

Replacement Sofima CH152FD11 Hydraulic Filter Element

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Replacement Sofima CH152FD11 hydraulic filter element
Introduction to Sofima filter element:
Sofima filter element is a filter material made of high-quality glass fiber filter material. It is used for hydraulic oil filtration of hydraulic and lubricating systems to filter out pollutants in the system and ensure the normal operation of the system.
Sofima filter element is widely used in petrochemical and oilfield pipeline filtration; fuel filtration of fueling equipment, engineering machinery and equipment; pharmaceutical and food processing fields.
Test standard:
Filter element – resistance to rupture verified according to ISO 2941
Filter element – structural integrity as per ISO 2942
Filter element – material and liquid compatibility verification according to ISO 2943
Filter element – differential pressure flow characteristics according to ISO 3968
Filter element – multiple pass method for determining filtration characteristics according to ISO 4572
Technical parameters

Part Number: CH152FD11
Part Type: Hydraulic
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Gasket Material: Viton
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

Sofima CH152FD11 filter element related models recommended

CH1351CD11 CH1351FV11 CH1351RV21 CH1351CV11 CH804MCV1
CH1351FV21 CH1352CD11 CH1351FC11 CH1351MCV1 CH804FV21
CH1352CV11 CH1351FC21 CH1351MCV11 CH1352FC11 CH804RV21
CH1351FD11 CH1351MS11 CH1352FC21 CH1351FD21 CH804FV11
CH1351RD11 CH1352FD11 CH1351FT11 CH1351RD21 CH804RV11
CH1352FD21 CH1351FT21 CH1351RV11 CH1352FT11 CH804FT21
CH1352FT21 CH1352RV11 CH151FT11 CH1352FV11 CH804RD21
CH1352RV21 CH151FT21 CH1352FV21 CH151CD11 CH804MS11
CH151FV11 CH1352MCV1 CH151CV11 CH151FV21 CH804FD21
CH1352MCV11 CH151FC11 CH151MCV1 CH1352MS11 CH804FC11
CH151FC21 CH151MCV11 CH1352RD11 CH151FD11 CH804FC21
CH151MS11 CH1352RD21 CH151FD21 CH151RD11 CH804MCV11
CH151RD21 CH152FD21 CH152RD11 CH151RV11 CH804FD11
CH152FT11 CH152RD21 CH151RV21 CH152FT21 CH152RV11
CH152CD11 CH152FV11 CH152RV21 CH152CV11 CH152FV21
CH153CD11 CH152FC11 CH152MCV1 CH153CV11 CH152FC21
CH152MCV11 CH153FC11 CH152FD11 CH152MS11 CH153FC21
CH153FD11 CH153MS11 CH301FC11 CH153FD21 CH153RD11
CH301FC21 CH153FT11 CH153RD21 CH301FD11 CH153FT21
CH153RV11 CH301FD21 CH153FV11 CH153RV21 CH301FT11
CH153FV21 CH153TV1 CH301FT21 CH153MCV1 CH301CD11
CH301FV11 CH153MCV11 CH301CV11 CH301FV21 CH301MCV1
CH302CV11 CH302FV21 CH301MCV11 CH302FC11 CH302MS11
CH301MS11 CH302FC21 CH302RD11 CH301RD11 CH302FD11
CH302RD21 CH301RD21 CH302FD21 CH302RV11 CH301RV11
CH302FT11 CH302RV21 CH301RV21 CH302FT21 CH3201CD11
CH302CD11 CH302FV11 CH3201CV11 CH3201FC11 CH803FC21
CH3201MCV1 CH3202CV11 CH3201FC21 CH3201MCV11 CH803MCV11
CH3202FC11 CH3201FD11 CH3201MS11 CH3202FC21 CH803MCV1
CH3201FD21 CH3201RD11 CH3202FD11 CH3201FT11 CH804CV11
CH3201RD21 CH3202FD21 CH3201FT21 CH3201RV11 CH804CD11
CH3202FT11 CH3201FV11 CH3201RV21 CH3202FT21 CH803FC11
CH3201FV21 CH3202CD11 CH3202FV11 CH3202FV21 CH803CV11
CH3203CD11 CH3203FV11 CH3202MCV1 CH3203CV11 CH803FV21
CH3203FV21 CH3202MCV11 CH3203FC11 CH3203MCV1 CH803FV11
CH3202MS11 CH3203FC21 CH3203MCV11 CH3202RD11 CH803RV21
CH3203FD11 CH3203MS11 CH3202RD21 CH3203FD21 CH803RV11
CH3203RD11 CH3202RV11 CH3203FT11 CH3203RD21 CH803CD11
CH3202RV21 CH3203FT21 CH3203RV11 CH3203RV21 CH802RV21
CH3204FT21 CH3204RV11 CH3204CD11 CH3204FV11 CH803FT21
CH3204RV21 CH3204CV11 CH3204FV21 CH801CD11 CH803FT11
CH3204FC11 CH3204MCV1 CH801CV11 CH3204FC21 CH803RD21
CH3204MCV11 CH801FC11 CH3204FD11 CH3204MS11 CH803RD11
CH801FC21 CH3204FD21 CH3204RD11 CH801FD11 CH802RV11
CH3204FT11 CH3204RD21 CH801FD21 CH801FT11 CH802RD21
CH801RD21 CH802FD21 CH801FT21 CH801RV11 CH803FD21
CH802FT11 CH801FV11 CH801RV21 CH802FT21 CH803FD11
CH801FV21 CH802CD11 CH802FV11 CH801MCV1 CH803MS11
CH802CV11 CH802FV21 CH801MCV11 CH802FC11 CH802MS11
CH802MCV1 CH801MS11 CH802FC21 CH802MCV11 CH802RD11
CH801RD11 CH802FD11


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