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Rexroth 183145H10XLE000M

Replacement STAUFF SL014D20B hydraulic filter element


Technical parameters
Part Number: SL014D20B
Product Media: Paper
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 435
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248

Replacement STAUFF SL014D20B hydraulic filter element

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Replacement STAUFF SL014D20B hydraulic filter element
STAUFF filter element introduction:
STAUFF hydraulic oil filter element is an indispensable part of the pipeline series for conveying media. It is used to filter metal particles and contamination impurities in the fluid medium in the filtration at the inlet end of the hydraulic system, which can protect the normal work of the equipment. After entering the filter, its impurities are blocked, and the clean filtrate flows out of the filter outlet. When cleaning is needed, remove the filter element from the filter and load it after treating with industrial liquid.
In the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil filter is mainly used to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, and effectively control the pollution of the working medium.
Application area
1. Metallurgy: used for filtering of hydraulic system of rolling mill and continuous casting machine and filtering of various lubrication equipment.
2. Petrochemical: Separation and recovery of products and intermediate products during oil refining and chemical production, oilfield injection well water and natural gas removal particulate filtering.
3. Electronics and pharmaceuticals: pretreatment filtration of reverse osmosis water and deionized water, pretreatment filtration of washing liquid and glucose.
4. Thermal power and nuclear power: purification of gas turbines, boiler lubrication systems, speed control systems, bypass control systems, purification of feed pumps, fans and dust removal systems.
Technical parameters

Part Number: SL014D20B
Part Type: Hydraulic
Capacity (GR): 4
Filter Area (SQ IN): 90
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

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SL010K10V SL010W25V SL010F03B SL010K20B SL010W40B
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SL010W60B SL010F10V SL010W100V SL010W60V SL010F20B
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SL014F10B SL020B10B SL014D20B SL014F20B SL020B25B
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SL020B60B SL014E10B SL014W25B SL020D10B SL014E20B
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SL020E05B SL020W10B SL022B25B SL020E10B SL020W25B
SL022B25V SL020E20B SL020W40B SL022B40B SL020F03B
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SL022D10B SL022D10V SL022E20V SL022K10V SL022D20B
SL022F03B SL022K20B SL022D20V SL022F03V SL022K20V
SL022E03B SL022F10B SL022W100B SL022E03V SL022F10V
SL022W100V SL022E10B SL022F20B SL022W10B SL022E10V
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SL030D20B SL030F20B SL022W60V SL030E03B SL030W100B
SL030B100B SL030E05B SL030W10B SL030B10B SL030E10B
SL030W25B SL030B25B SL030E20B SL030W40B SL030W60B
SL035D20V SL035F03V SL035B100B SL035E03B SL035F10B
SL035B10B SL035E03V SL035F10V SL035B25B SL035E10B
SL035F20B SL035B60B SL035E10V SL035F20V SL035D10B
SL035E20B SL035K10B SL035D10V SL035E20V SL035K10V
SL035D20B SL035F03B SL035K20B SL035K20V SL035W60V
SL045E03B SL035W100B SL045B100B SL045E05B SL035W100V
SL045B10B SL045E10B SL035W10B SL045B25B SL045E20B
SL035W10V SL045B40B SL045F03B SL035W25B SL045B60B
SL045F05B SL035W25V SL045D10B SL045F10B SL035W60B
SL045D20B SL045F20B SL045W100B SL090B40B SL090F03B
SL045W10B SL090B60B SL090F05B SL045W25B SL090D10B
SL090F10B SL045W40B SL090D20B SL090F20B SL045W60B
SL090E03B SL090W100B SL090B100B SL090E05B SL090W10B
SL090B10B SL090E10B SL090W25B SL090B25B SL090E20B
SL090W40B SL090W60B SL125E03B SL125W10B SL125B100B
SL125E05B SL125W25B SL125B10B SL125E10B SL125W40B
SL125B25B SL125E20B SL125W60B SL125B40B SL125F03B
SL125B60B SL125F05B SL125D10B SL125F10B SL125D20B


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