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Replacement TAISEI KOGYO TSF-12-150W hydraulic filter element


Replacement TAISEI KOGYO TSF-12-150W hydraulic filter element

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Replacement TAISEI KOGYO TSF-12-150W hydraulic filter element
TAISEI KOGYO filter element introduction:
TAISEI KOGYO filter element is mainly used in the hydraulic system to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium, and effectively control the pollution degree of the working medium. The filter element produced by our company adopts high-quality filter materials, and its quality and performance can meet the standards of imported filter elements imported from abroad, which can completely replace the imported filter elements. At the same time it is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, aviation, electric power, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, fire protection equipment and other fields.

TAISEI KOGYO TSF-12-150W filter element related models recommended

TSF-06-100W TSF-06-10M TSF-06-10U TSF-06-10UW TSF-24-8C
TSF-06-150W TSF-06-200W TSF-06-20U TSF-06-20UW TSF-06-3C
TSF-06-3M TSF-06-40U TSF-06-40UW TSF-06-5UW TSF-06-60UW
TSF-06-60W TSF-06-6M TSF-06-8C TSF-08-100W TSF-08-10M
TSF-08-10U TSF-08-10UW TSF-08-150W TSF-08-200W TSF-24-6M
TSF-08-20U TSF-08-20UW TSF-08-3C TSF-08-3M TSF-08-40U
TSF-08-40UW TSF-08-5UW TSF-08-60UW TSF-08-60W TSF-08-6M
TSF-08-8C TSF-10-100W TSF-10-10M TSF-10-10U TSF-10-10UW
TSF-10-150W TSF-10-200W TSF-10-20U TSF-10-20UW TSF-10-3C
TSF-10-3M TSF-10-40U TSF-10-40UW TSF-10-5UW TSF-10-60UW
TSF-10-60W TSF-10-6M TSF-10-8C TSF-12-100W TSF-12-10M
TSF-12-10U TSF-12-10UW TSF-12-150W TSF-12-200W TSF-24-60W
TSF-12-20U TSF-12-20UW TSF-12-3C TSF-12-3M TSF-12-40U
TSF-12-40UW TSF-12-5UW TSF-12-60UW TSF-12-60W TSF-12-6M
TSF-12-8C TSF-16-100W TSF-16-10M TSF-16-10U TSF-16-10UW
TSF-16-150W TSF-16-200W TSF-16-20U TSF-16-20UW TSF-16-3C
TSF-16-3M TSF-16-40U TSF-16-40UW TSF-16-5UW TSF-16-60UW
TSF-16-60W TSF-16-6M TSF-16-8C TSF-20-100W TSF-20-10M
TSF-20-10U TSF-20-10UW TSF-20-150W TSF-20-200W TSF-24-60UW
TSF-20-20U TSF-20-20UW TSF-20-3C TSF-20-3M TSF-20-40U
TSF-20-40UW TSF-20-5UW TSF-20-60UW TSF-20-60W TSF-20-6M
TSF-20-8C TSF-24-100W TSF-24-10M TSF-24-10U TSF-24-10UW
TSF-24-150W TSF-24-200W TSF-24-20U TSF-24-20UW TSF-24-3C
TSF-24-3M TSF-24-40U TSF-24-40UW TSF-24-5UW


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