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Replacement TAISEI KOGYO UL-08A-10M hydraulic filter element


Replacement TAISEI KOGYO UL-08A-10M hydraulic filter element

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Replacement TAISEI KOGYO UL-08A-10M hydraulic filter element
TAISEI KOGYO filter element introduction:
TAISEI KOGYO filter element is used to remove a small amount of solid particles in the liquid or air, which can protect the normal operation of the equipment or the cleanliness of the air. When the fluid enters the filter element with a certain size filter, its impurities are blocked, and the clean fluid flows out through the filter element.. The filter element has the advantages of large oil passing capacity, high filtering accuracy, small pressure loss, and large dirt holding capacity.

TAISEI KOGYO UL-08A-10M filter element related models recommended

UH-03A-10MH UH-03A-3MH UH-03A-6MH UH-04A-10MH
UH-04A-10MHEV UH-04A-3MH UH-04A-6MH UH-06A-10MH
UH-06A-3MH UH-06A-6MH UH-08A-10MH UH-08A-3MH
UH-08A-6MH UH-10A-10MH UH-10A-10U UH-10A-3MH
UH-10A-6MH UH-12A-10MH UH-12A-3MH UH-12A-6MH
UH-16A-10MH UH-16A-3MH UH-16A-6MH UH-A06-3-3M
UL-03A-100K UL-03A-100W UL-03A-10M UL-03A-10U
UL-03A-10UK UL-03A-10UW UL-03A-150K UL-03A-150W
UL-03A-200K UL-03A-200W UL-03A-20U UL-03A-20UK
UL-03A-20UW UL-03A-3M UL-03A-40U UL-03A-40UK
UL-03A-40UW UL-03A-50K UL-03A-50W UL-03A-60K
UL-03A-60W UL-03A-6M UL-04A-100K UL-04A-100W
UL-04A-10M UL-04A-10UK UL-04A-10UW UL-04A-150K
UL-04A-150W UL-04A-200K UL-04A-200W UL-04A-20U
UL-04A-20UK UL-04A-20UW UL-04A-3M UL-04A-40U
UL-04A-40UK UL-04A-40UW UL-04A-50UK UL-04A-50UW
UL-04A-60K UL-04A-60W UL-04A-6M UL-06A-10M
UL-06A-150W UL-06A-200K UL-06A-200W UL-06A-20U
UL-06A-3M UL-06A-6M UL-08A-10M UL-08A-10U
UL-08A-150W UL-08A-200K UL-08A-200W UL-08A-20U
UL-08A-3M UL-08A-40U UL-08A-6M UL-10A-10M
UL-10A-10UW UL-10A-150K UL-10A-150W UL-10A-200K
UL-10A-200W UL-10A-20U UL-10A-20UK UL-10A-20UW
UL-10A-3M UL-10A-40U UL-10A-40UK UL-10A-40UW
UL-12A-10M UL-12A-10UK UL-12A-10UW UL-12A-150K
UL-12A-150W UL-12A-200K UL-12A-200W UL-12A-20U
UL-12A-20UK UL-12A-20UW UL-12A-3M UL-12A-40U
UL-12A-40UK UL-12A-40UW UL-12A-6M UL-16A-100K
UL-16A-100W UL-16A-10M UL-16A-10U UL-16A-10UK
UL-16A-10UW UL-16A-150K UL-16A-150W UL-16A-200K
UL-16A-200W UL-16A-20U UL-16A-20UK UL-16A-20UW
UL-16A-3M UL-16A-40U UL-16A-40UK UL-16A-40UW
UL-16A-50UK UL-16A-50UW UL-16A-60K UL-16A-60W
UL-16A-6M UL-20A-100K UL-20A-100W UL-20A-10M
UL-20A-10U UL-20A-10UK UL-20A-10UW UL-20A-150K
UL-20A-150W UL-20A-200K UL-20A-200W UL-20A-20U
UL-20A-20UK UL-20A-20UW UL-20A-3M UL-20A-40U
UL-20A-40UK UL-20A-40UW UL-20A-50UK UL-20A-50UW
UL-20A-60K UL-20A-60W UL-20A-6M UL-24A-100K
UL-24A-100W UL-24A-10M UL-24A-10U UL-24A-10UK
UL-24A-10UW UL-24A-150K UL-24A-150W UL-24A-200K
UL-24A-200W UL-24A-20U UL-24A-20UK UL-24A-20UW
UL-24A-3M UL-24A-40U UL-24A-40UK UL-24A-40UW
UL-24A-50UK UL-24A-50UW UL-24A-60K UL-24A-60W
UL-24A-6M UL-06A-150K UL-08A-150K UL-10A-6M


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