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EPE 169400TH6XLS000V

Replacement VICKERS V4051V3V20 Hydraulic Filter Element


Technical parameters
Part Number: V4051V3V20
Product Media: Glass
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 145
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248

Replacement VICKERS V4051V3V20 Hydraulic Filter Element

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Replacement VICKERS V4051V3V20 hydraulic filter element
Introduction to VICKERS filter element:
In the hydraulic station and lubrication station system, VICKERS filter element maintains the cleanliness of the working oil. The important method to control solid particle pollution is the filtration of the oil. Methods. Today, there are many types of filter media used in the fluid filtration industry, and there are two main filtration mechanisms, namely direct blocking and adsorption filtration. The direct blocking feature of the hydraulic oil filter element is that the particles in the oil do not leave the stream until it is blocked on the surface of the filter medium. The characteristic of adsorption filtration is that the particles in the oil flow away from the flow beam due to various forces when passing through the filter medium, and are adsorbed on the inner wall of the channel or the surface of the fiber by electrostatic force or molecular adsorption force.
Technical parameters

Part Number: V4051V3V20
Part Type: Hydraulic
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Gasket Material: Viton
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

VICKERS V4051V3V20 filter element related models recommended

V4051B3C03 V4051B3V10 V4051B6V20 V4051B3C05 V4051B6C03
V4051B7C03 V4051B3C10 V4051B6C05 V4051B7C05 V4051B3C20
V4051B6C10 V4051B7C10 V4051B3H03 V4051B6C20 V4051B7C20
V4051B3H05 V4051B6V03 V4051B7V03 V4051B3H10 V4051B6V05
V4051B7V05 V4051B3H20 V4051B6V10 V4051B7V10 V4051B7V20
V4051V3H20 V4051V6C20 V4051V3C03 V4051V3V03 V4051V6H03
V4051V3C05 V4051V3V05 V4051V6H05 V4051V3C10 V4051V3V10
V4051V6H10 V4051V3C20 V4051V3V20 V4051V6H20 V4051V3H03
V4051V6C03 V4051V6V03 V4051V3H05 V4051V6C05 V4051V6V05
V4051V3H10 V4051V6C10 V4051V6V10 V4051V6V20 V4054B6H03
V4054V6H10 V4051V7C03 V4054B6H05 V6011B1C03 V4051V7C05
V4054B6H10 V6011B1C05 V4051V7C10 V4054V3H03 V6011B1C10
V4051V7C20 V4054V3H05 V6011B1C20 V4054B3H03 V4054V3H10
V6011B1H03 V4054B3H05 V4054V6H03 V6011B1H10 V4054B3H10
V4054V6H05 V6011B1V10 V6011B2C03 V6011V1C10 V6014B2H03
V6011B2C05 V6011V1C20 V6014B2H10 V6011B2C10 V6011V2C03
V6014V1H03 V6011B2C20 V6011V2C05 V6014V1H10 V6011B2H03
V6011V2C10 V6014V2H03 V6011B2H10 V6011V2C20 V6014V2H10
V6011V1C03 V6014B1H03 V6021B1C03 V6011V1C05 V6014B1H10
V6021B1C05 V6021B1C10 V6021B4C10 V6021V1C10 V6021B1C20
V6021B4C20 V6021V1C20 V6021B2C03 V6021B5C03 V6021V2C03
V6021B2C05 V6021B5C05 V6021V2C05 V6021B2C10 V6021B5C10
V6021V2C10 V6021B2C20 V6021B5C20 V6021V2C20 V6021B4C03
V6021V1C03 V6021V4C03 V6021B4C05 V6021V1C05 V6021V4C05
V6021V4C10 V6024B2H03 V6024V1H03 V6021V4C20 V6024B2H10
V6024V1H10 V6021V5C03 V6024B4H03 V6024V2H03 V6021V5C05
V6024B4H10 V6024V2H10 V6021V5C10 V6024B5H03 V6024V4H03
V6021V5C20 V6024B5H05 V6024V4H10 V6024B1H03 V6024B5H10
V6024V5H03 V6024B1H10 V6024B5V05 V6024V5H10


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