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Replacement Wix F10C60B8T Hydraulic Filter Element


Technical parameters
Part Number: F10C60B8T
Product Media: Brass Mesh
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 15
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248

Replacement Wix F10C60B8T Hydraulic Filter Element

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Replacement Wix F10C60B8T Hydraulic filter element
Introduction to Wix filter element:
Wix filter element is used in the hydraulic system to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium. The filter element effectively controls the pollution degree of the working medium.
Wix filter element features:
.Allows the system to quickly reach and maintain the desired level of fluid cleanliness.
.It can extend the service life of the oil.
.Reduce system wear.
Technical parameters

Part Number: F10C60B8T
Part Type:Hydraulic
Filter Area (SQ IN): 117
Flow Direction: Outside-In
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV

Wix F10C60B8T filter element related models recommended

F00C250B7T F00C250B7TB F00C250N7T F00C250N7TB F00C149N7TB
F01C125N8TB F01C60N8TB F00C60B7T F01C149N8TB F00C125N7TB
F01C74N8TB F00C60B7TB F01C250B8T F02C125B7T F00C125N7T
F00C60N7T F01C250B8TB F02C125B7TB F00C60N7TB F00C125B7TB
F01C250N8T F02C125B8T F00C74N7TB F01C250N8TB F05C125B3T
F02C125B8TB F01C125B8TB F01C60B8T F02C125N7T F05C125B2T
F01C125N8T F01C60N8T F02C125N7TB F02C125N8T F04C250B10T
F02C250N7TB F02C60N7TB F02C125N8TB F02C250N8T F03C60N9T
F02C60N8T F02C149N7TB F02C250N8TB F02C60N8TB F04C74N10TB
F02C149N8TB F02C25B7T F02C74N7TB F02C250B7T F04C14N10TB
F02C400B8T F02C74N8TB F02C250B8T F02C60B7T F04C60N10TB
F03C125B9T F02C250B8TB F02C60B8T F03C125B9TB F04C125N10TB
F02C250N7T F02C60N7T F03C125N9T F03C125N9TB F03C250N9TB
F03C60N9TB F04C250B10TB F03C149N9TB F03C74N9TB F03C60B9T
F04C250N10T F03C250B9T F04C125B10T F04C250N10TB F03C250N9T
F03C250B9TB F04C125B10TB F04C60B10T F04C60N10T F04C125N10T
F06C125B6T F06C60B6T F05C250B2T F06C250B3T F07C125B3T
F05C250B3T F06C250B4T F07C125B4T F05C60B2T F06C250B5T
F07C125B5T F05C60B3T F06C250B6T F07C125B6T F06C125B3T
F06C60B3T F07C250B3T F06C125B4T F06C60B4T F07C250B4T
F06C125B5T F06C60B5T F07C250B5T F07C250B6T F08C125B8T
F08C60B8T F07C60B3T F08C250B5T F09C125B5T F07C60B4T
F08C250B6T F09C125B6T F07C60B5T F08C250B7T F09C125B7T
F07C60B6T F08C250B8T F09C125B8T F08C125B5T F08C60B5T
F09C250B5T F08C125B6T F08C60B6T F09C250B6T F08C125B7T
F08C60B7T F09C250B7T F09C250B8T F10C250B6T F11C125B6T
F09C60B5T F10C250B7T F11C125B7T F09C60B6T F10C250B8T
F11C125B8T F09C60B7T F10C60B5T F11C250B5T F09C60B8T
F10C60B6T F11C250B6T F10C125B5T F10C60B7T F11C250B7T
F10C125B6T F10C60B8T F11C250B8T F10C250B5T F11C125B5T
F11C60B5T F11C60B6T F12C250B9T F14C125B8T F11C60B7T
F12C60B10T F14C125B9T F11C60B8T F12C60B8T F14C250B10T
F12C125B10T F12C60B9T F14C250B8T F12C125B8T F13C125B8T
F14C250B9T F12C125B9T F13C250B8T F14C60B10T F99B700B7T
F12C250B10T F13C60B8T F14C60B8T F12C250B8T F14C125B10T
F14C60B9T F15C125B10T F15C60B9T F95B125B2TB F15C125B8T
F16C125B7T F95B125N2T F15C125B9T F16C250B7T F99B700B6T
F95B125N2TB F15C250B10T F16C60B7T F95B149N2TB FH4997
F15C250B8T F17C149S F95B250B2T F15C250B9T F30C150B
F95B250N2T F15C60B10T F30C150B3 F95B250N2TB F99B700B5T
F15C60B8T F95B125B2T F95B60B2T F95B60N2T F96B250B3T
F96B74N3TB F95B60N2TB F96B250B3TB F97B125B4T F99B60N7TB
F95B74N2TB F96B250N3T F97B125B4TB F96B125B3T F99B60N7T
F96B250N3TB F97B125B5TB F96B125B3TB F96B60B3T F99B74N7TB
F97B125N4T F96B125N3T F96B60B3TB F97B125N4TB F99B60N6TB
F96B125N3TB F96B60N3T F97B149N4TB F96B149N3TB F99B74N6TB
F96B60N3TB F97B250B4T F97B250B4TB F98B125N5T F99B60N6T
F98B60B5TB F97B250N4T F98B125TB F98B60N5TB F99B74N5TB
F97B250N4TB F98B149N5TB F98B74N5TB F97B60B4T F99B60N5TB
F98B250B5T F99B125B5T F97B60B4TB F98B250B5TB F99B60N5T
F99B125B5TB F97B60N4T F98B250N5T F99B125B6T F99B250N5TB
F97B60N4TB F98B250N5TB F99B125B6TB F97B74N4TB F99B149N5TB
F98B60B5T F99B125B7T F99B125B7TB F99B149N6TB F99B60B7T
F99B250N6T F99B125N5T F99B149N7TB F99B250N6TB F99B250N5T
F99B125N5TB F99B250B5T F99B250N7T F99B125N6T F99B125N7TB
F99B250B6T F99B250N7TB F99B125N6TB F99B250B7T F99B60B6T
F99B60B5T F99B125N7T F99B250B7TB


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