Industrial filter product description


Wix R03D40T

Replacement Wix R03D40T Hydraulic Filter Element


Technical parameters
Part Number: R03D40T
Product Media: Stainless Mesh
Collapse Pressure (PSI): 145
Operating Temp Min (F): -13
Operating Temp Max (F): 248

Replacement Wix R03D40T Hydraulic Filter Element

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Replacement Wix R03D40T Hydraulic filter element
Introduction to Wix filter element:
Wix filter element is used in the hydraulic system to filter out solid particles and colloidal substances in the working medium. The filter element effectively controls the pollution degree of the working medium.
Wix filter element features:
.Allows the system to quickly reach and maintain the desired level of fluid cleanliness.
.It can extend the service life of the oil.
.Reduce system wear.
Technical parameters

Part Number: R03D40T
Part Type: Hydraulic
Filter Area (SQ IN): 85
Flow Direction: Inside-Out
Gasket Material: Buna
Fluid Type: HH / HL / HM / HV / HFD

Wix R03D40T filter element related models recommended

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K02B248 K04B356 K05B335 K07A429 K08A451 K08B338
K11B429 K27B858 K42B409 K13B607 K28B887 K43B627
K16B804 K31A406 K45A715 K20A613 K33A599 K47A558
K21A656 K34A772 K49C05XA K26A454 K36A076 K53B989
K26B793 K39A440 K58B630 K27A765 K40A255 K59A753
K64A587 K87A524 K65A992 K91A353 K66A853 K92A957
K71B307 K93A447 K73B750 K94B271 K77A653 K97B815
K83B010 K84A931 L23A269 L24A916 L25A912 L01A371
L05A565 L08A841 L02A485 MF0616471 MF0617008
N02A682 N04A849 N31A495 N32A530 N38A288 N39A352
P06A970 P19A308 P08B912 P19C220 P09A514 P21A507
P10C017 P26A734 P10D805 P34B516 P03B252 P12B335
P39A188 P03C906 P15A399 P40A408 P04B340 P18A663
P48B602 P50A109 P79B085 P55A079 P82A11P P55B763
P88B699 P58B744 P93B356 P61B128 P94B916 P69A219
P95B194 P71A954 P76A477 R02D25T R00D25G R00D40T
R00D60T R00D03G R00E03EB R00D06G R00E05AB R00D25C
R00E05EB R00E20EB R01A10CB R00E05KB R00E20KB R00D10G
R01A10GB R00E06GA R00E25BB R01A125TB R00E100BB R02D60T
R00E40BB R01A25CB R00E10AB R00E60BB R01A25GB R00D10CR
R01D10CM R00E10KB R01A06GB R01D25CM R01D40T R01A03GB
R01E05EB3 R01E10KB R01D40TM R01E05KB R01E10KB3 R00E10EB
R01D60T R01E05KB3 R01E15GA R01D60TM R01E100BB R01A60TB
R01E20EB R01E03EB R01E10AB R01E20EB3 R01E03EB3 R00F10C
R01E10BB R01E20KB R01E05AB R01E10EB R01E20KB3 R00E10BB
R01E05EB R01E10EB3 R01E25BB R01E40BB R02A125TB R02E20EV
R02D10G R01E60BB R02A25CB R02D10T R01F10C R02E05EV
R02A25GB R02D120T R01G74SVV R02A60TB R02D25C R03A03EV
R02A03GB R02D03G R02D25G R02A06GB R02D06G R02E20AV
R02A10CB R02D100T R02D40T R02A10GB R02D10C R02E05AV
R02E03AV R02E10EV R02F10C R02E03EV R02E10LV R02G20GA
R03A05AV R02E05LV R02E20LV R03A05EV R02E100BV R03E05EV
R02E25BV R03A05KV R02E10AV R02E40BV R03A100BV R03E05AV
R02E10BV R02E60BV R03A10AV R03A10BV R03A80BV R03D120T
R03D25C R03A10EV R03D03G R03D25G R03A10KV R03D06G
R03D25T R03A20EV R03D100T R03D40T R03A20KV R03D10C
R03D60T R03A25BV R03D10G R03E03AV R03A40BV R03D10T
R03E100BV R03E20LV R04A05AV R03E10AV R03E25BV R03E05LV
R04A05EV R03E10BV R03E40BV R04A05KV R03E10EV R03E20EV
R03E60BV R04A100BV R03E10LV R03E80BV R04A10AV R04A03EV
R03E200BV R03F10C R04A10BV R04A10EV R04D03G R03E03EV
R04D25G R04A10KV R04D06G R04D25T R04A20EV R03A60BV
R04D100T R04D40T R04A20KV R04D10C R04D60T R04A25BV
R04D10G R04E03EV R04A40BV R04D10T R04E05AV R04A60BV
R04D120T R04E05EV R04A80BV R04D25C R04E05LV R03E20AV
R04E100BV R04E25BV R05A100BV R04E10AV R04E40BV R03G05CA
R05A10AV R04E10BV R04E60BV R05A10BV R04E10EV R05D25GP
R04G10GAV R05A10EV R04E10LV R05A03EV R05A10KV R05D10CP
R04E20EV R05A05AV R05A20EV R04E20LV R05A05EV R05A60BV
R05A20KV R04E250BV R05A05KV R05A25BV R05A40BV R05D25G
R05A80BV R05D10G R05D25T R05D03G R05D10GP R05D40T
R05D03GP R05D10T R05D60T R05D06G R05D120T R05E03AB
R05D06GP R05D25C R05E03EB R05D100T R05D25CP R05D10C
R05E05AB R05E05EB R05E20EB R06A05EV R05E05KB R06A60BV
R05E20KB R06A05KV R05E100BB R05E25BB R06A100BV R06D25CP
R05E10AB R05E40BB R06A10AV R05E10BB R05E60BB R06D100TP
R06A10BV R05E10EB R05G6GA R06A10EV R05E10KB R06A40BV
R06A03EV R06A10KV R05E130BB R06A05AV R06A20EV R06D25C
R06A20KV R06D06GP R06D120T R06A25BV R06D100T R06E25BB2
R06D10C R06D25GP R06A80BV R06D10CP R06D25T R06D03G
R06D10G R06D40T R06D03GP R06D10GP R06D60T R06D06G
R06D10T R06D60TP R06E03EB R06E10AB2 R09E10KB R09E10EB
R06E05AB R06E10BB R06E40BB R06E05AB2 R06E10BB2 R09G1GA
R06E40BB2 R06E05EB R06E10EB R06E60BB R06E05KB R09E10BB
R06E10KB R06E60BB2 R06E100BB R06E20EB R06G1GA R09E60BB
R06E100BB2 R06E20KB R07A03EV R06E10AB R06E25BB R09E10AB
R07A05AV R07A05EV R07A20KV R07D10C R07A05KV R09E40BB
R07A25BV R07D10G R07A100BV R07A40BV R07D120T R09E25BB
R07A10AV R07A60BV R07D25C R07A10BV R07A80BV R09E05KB
R07D25G R07A10EV R07D03G R07D40T R07A10KV R09E100BB
R07D06G R07D60T R07A20EV R07D100T R07E03EB R09E05EB
R07E05AB R07E20EB R08A05EV R07E05EB R07E20KB R09D25T
R08A05KV R07E05KB R07E25BB R08A100BV R07E100BB R09D25CP
R07E40BB R08A10AV R07E10AB R07E60BB R08A10BV R09E05AB
R07E10BB R07G3GA R08A10EV R07E10EB R08A03EV R09D10GP1
R08A10KV R07E10KB R08A05AV R08A20EV R08A20KV R09D10G
R08D06G R08D10G R08A25BV R08D06GP R08D10GP R09D25GP1
R08A40BV R08D06GP1 R08D10GP1 R08A60BV R08D100T R09D10GP
R08D10T R08A80BV R08D100TP R08D120T R08D03G R09D60TP1
R08D10C R08D25CP R08D03GP R08D10CP R08D25G R09E03EB
R08D03GP1 R08D10CP1 R08D25GP R08D25GP1 R08E05EB R09D10C
R08E10EB3 R08D25T R08E05EB3 R08E10KB R08D40T R08E05KB
R08E10KB3 R08D60T R08E05KB3 R08E20EB R08D60TP R09E20KB
R08E100BB R08E20EB3 R08E03EB R08E10AB R08E20KB R09E20EB
R08E03EB3 R08E10BB R08E20KB3 R08E05AB R08E10EB R09D25GP
R08E25BB R08E40BB R09A10AV R09A60BV R08E60BB R09D25G
R09A10BV R09A80BV R08G10GA R09A10EV R09D03G R09D10CP1
R09A03EV R09A10KV R09D03GP R09A05AV R09A20EV R09D10CP
R09D03GP1 R09A05EV R09A20KV R09D06G R09A05KV R09D60TP
R09A25BV R09D06GP R09A100BV R09A40BV R09D06GP1 R09D60T
R09D100T R09D10T R09D25TP1 R09D100TP R09D120T R09D25C


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