Industrial filter product description


Zander V1140

Replacement Zander V1140 precision filter element


Technical Parameters of Zander Precision Filter Element
Residual oil content (ppm)
Class V: 5
Class Z: 0.5
Y level: 0.1
X grade: 0.01
Class A: 0.003

Replacement Zander V1140 precision filter element

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Replacement Zander V1140 precision filter element
Zander precision filter element introduction
Zander precision filter element is made of European high-quality filter material and stainless steel frame. It has the characteristics of high filtration efficiency, corrosion resistance, high strength, low airflow resistance and long service life.
The outermost layer of Zander precision filter element adopts oil-resistant and acid-resistant chemically-resistant hydrophobic foam sleeve, which prevents the coalesced liquid from re-entering the airflow, ensuring high-efficiency degreasing and water removal.
This precision filter element is completely manufactured according to the original filter element size specifications, and can be directly installed on all levels of filters. The appearance and performance of the replacement filter element produced by our factory are comparable to the original Zander products, and have a very high cost performance.
German Zander filter product features:
1.Excellent chemical compatibility, suitable for filtering strong acids, alkalis and organic solvents
2. Membrane is foldable deep filtration, large membrane filtration area
3.Low differential pressure, strong dirt holding capacity, long service life
4.Wide filtering precision can be selected
Zander V1140 precision filter element related models recommended

V1030、V1050、V1070、V1140、V2010、V2020、V2030、V2050、V3050、 V3075
Z1030、Z1050、Z1070、Z1140、Z2010、Z2020、Z2030、Z2050、Z3050、 Z3075
Y1030、Y1050、Y1070、Y1140、Y2010、Y2020、Y2030、Y2050、Y3050、 Y3075
X1030、X1050、X1070、X1140、X2010、X2020、X2030、X2050、X3050、 X3075
A1030、A1050、A1070、A1140、A2010、A2020、A2030、A2050、A3050、 A3075


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